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What's causing this rash and vaginal tears?? Causing lots of anxiety...

Before I get into the details I just wanted to say I've only had sex with 2 men my entire life, and the first one was only one time and a condom was used. The second one is my current boyfriend and we've been in a monogamous, faithful relationship for 7 months now and I've never had any issues (except one UTI over the summer) until now. 2 weeks ago we had sex (no condoms or anything else involved) and right afterwards I was a bit sore and itchy and noticed a tiny bit of blood but I didn't think much of it until 2 days later I realized the itchiness had turned more into an itchy/burning and it was the worst when I was peeing. As a day or two more passed I realized the burning only occurred when urine got on the irritated spot: the act of urinating was not painful itself. I eventually decided to check the situation out with a mirror and noticed something that seemed like a rash and tear in the perineum/ area between vagina and anus. There was also a bit of rash on my inner butt cheek right in line with the area. These were not bumps at all. The ones on the butt area did look like sores but they were flat. They also bleed a bit sometimes, usually only if I bump them too roughly when wiping etc. Anyways, two weeks has gone by now and nothing has gotten better. At one point i was also having an excessive amount of watery discharge so I decided to self treat for a yeast infection to see if it would help the situation but nothing has gotten better except the watery discharge seems to have gone away. Additionally my vulva area is pretty swollen. I have a doctor's appointment in a couple days but I've been having so much anxiety over all of this I have no idea what could be going on. I've researched so much stuff online and nothing seems to fit completely plus I don't see any possible way that I would have contracted an STD because I've had no problems up until now, my boyfriend is experiencing no problems, and we've both been completely faithful. Of course now that I have a doctors appointment I'm worried they're either going to say something is REALLY wrong or that they have no clue what is wrong and I won't get any better...Sorry this was so long but if anyone knows what might be going on I'd really appreciate some input.
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