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What's going on with my body?

So i had a normal period on September 26th, when October 26th rolled around, my period was a no show.. I started having an increase in 'normal' vaginal discharge .. *by normal i mean, no smell or color except it was kinda cream color*... My breasts had been sore, extremely sore since about October 20th... By October 9th, i had bright blue visible veins across my chest and breasts.. I FELT pregnant..October 13th, i started spotting.. The morning of October 14th, i was in the shower and yes i peed, i had to, i forgot to before i got in.. sorry.. and as i was pushing.. this jelly like substance came out.. I think i had a miscarriage.. I never got a positive pregnancy test, but i'm guessing i wasn't far enough along for the test to detect the HCG..

So here i am November 25th.. My breasts have been sore for two weeks.. I mean extremely sore like before, i have an increase in discharge only during sex now.. My husband says my breasts have grown.. and i'm almost 30 years old, i don't see that happening.. I'm just wondering.. If i possibly did have a miscarriage last month, could i be pregnant again this soon?? Is this even possible?? My husband came in me on November 11th.. Any suggestions?? He wants me to take a pregnancy test, but i just don't want to waste money on that because i feel that i'm not pregnant.. but who knows...
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do the pregnancy test so you can have an answer and stop worrying.  $8 for peace of mind is worth it!
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its not wastin money neway if ur doubts r clarified! neway i wud rather suggest u instead of takin a HPT go n see a doc.. tht mite b more of help!
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