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What's wrong with my vagina?

I'm 15 and I've been sexually active with my boyfriend for about 5 months. he definitely doesn't have an STD because he's been tested. The last time we had sex was on New Years (it was unprotected) and a few days later my vagina started itching. When I took a mirror down there I could see that inside my inner labia is sort of peeling, it's hard to explain but it looks like there's small chunks coming off or something(sorry for the gross details). A few months back my vagina was super painful and I went to the doctor thinking immediately that it was a yeast infection but now I think it could've been this. I know I need to go to the doctors but in this small town the doctors are really crappy and make me feel awkward and judged so the idea of talking to one of them about this makes me nervous, please help!
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It does sound like a yeast infection again.  They generally swab for it if you went to the doctor and at that time, they look to see what else might be in the discharge.  So, if you were told you had yeast at your doctor's appointment, I'd say it's just yeast.  And it sounds like it is recurring.  But no one can diagnose you from here.  If you want a definite answer, see your doctor.  

I would NOT have unprotected sex though hon.  That's an std or pregnancy waiting to happen.  Very unwise as I'm sure at 15, a pregnancy or std would be pretty unwelcome.  Buy some condoms and use them every single time.  
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You should just go to doctor
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