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When in my cycle do I start a 7-day Progesterone treatment?

31 years old with 4 children (8yo to 1yo). History of pre-cancerous cells (removed) from HPV. Recently have had abnormal periods (from 2 weeks long to getting them every other week). PAP and bloodwork show no signs of cancer/pre-cancer, ultrasound shows uneven thickening. Did a round of Progesterone followed by a lo-hormone birth control that gave me headaches and heart palpitations after 2 weeks, quit birth control and I have now been given Progesterone to be taken for 7 days once a month. I just started my regular cycle yesterday 12/20, when should I take the Progesterone?
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Your progesterone pill bottle or packaging should say on it to take it from a certain day of your cycle to a certain day of your cycle. (Such as "take one daily from day 12 to 24 of menstrual cycle" for a 12-day dose.) If it doesn't say right on the pill bottle, call your doctor or pharmacist and ask. Progesterone is taken in the second half of the month (first day of the period being "day 1") and when it stops, a period comes in a few days, si I'm sure your doc wouldn't have you take it right after your period ends. This means you have time to call about it. But only the doctor can answer your question for sure.
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so, not "si"  
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