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When is it normal PMS or out of control PMS?

Most every woman is familiar with pms. We are SO lucky!  Ha ha.  There are actual levels to pms.  And at the far end of it, it is actually a psychiatric disorder.  And it encompasses everything in between. How do you know if your pms is normal or if it is out of control pms?  
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I've always had problems with nerves and was trough a long and regular treatment. In a quiet old age (I could figure it out earlier or ask a doctor but I didn't ask) I found out that PMS is a neurological issue too and it could be solved with sedatives and self-control techniques. The most challenging part is to notice that I'm nervous and aggressive because of PMS.  Is it normal or not I can never differentiate.
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I'm with you!  What is normal?  Am I too over the top?  I know I feel that way sometimes.  Sigh.  You use solid self control techniques to counter it?  Like breathing and counting?
Breathing -- yes. Counting -- not helped ever. It's like counting sheep. Never met a person that found it useful.
Also I'm just checking up on myself more patient every time when it's close to the menstruation. I can't prevent emotional explosions, though every time when it happens I can stop just asking myself "Is it really worth my nerves? Am I objective? Why I'm so mad?" Then I can figure out the source of irritation, avoid it or compensate it somehow.  
lol, ya. Counting sheep. Whoever came up with that idea?  That can drive you nuts in itself.  I do count though before responding rather than reacting if that makes sense.  You have some good strategies. The self questioning especially.  I try to give myself a time out.  I can't stand when I feel explosive to my poor kids!  That brings great shame if it happens and they don't deserve a hormonal tongue lashing that is more about my PMS than anything they did!  But it is hard.  I'm glad and sorry that I'm not the only one.
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I can become emotionally unstable during PMS. As in I am prone to feeling really sad, comfort eating in an unhealthy way and volatile where I 'might' let it rip and yell at my kids. ugh.  I have to work hard to identify that it's the hormones and control it. Then there is the shame when I can't.  But I do know people that are treated for PMDD that have pain that is incredible (like level 9 or 10) and depression and anxiety that greatly impacts them beyond just crying over Hallmark movies and being irritated your kids asked you for another snack when you just made them one. I do, however, as I near the golden years of menopause wonder if I'm moving more toward the unstable PMS than the regular PMS. lol  Roar, I can be grumpy!
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You can do something that you are usually interested in, let yourself forget about unhappy things, and try to keep your mood happy. You can also do more exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc., which not only can alleviate or even eradicate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, but also reduce work stress and reduce your chance of suffering from heart disease.
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