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When should I expect my period when stopping the pill mid-cycle?

I asked this a few days ago, and no one answered the question for me! Please, any answers would be helpful.

I was on my third pack of my pill, and had just had my period with the sugar pills, and mid-cycle I stopped taking the birth control. I had my sugar pills starting on the March 25th, which stopped a few days later. I then stopped taking the pills and started bleeding again on April 5th. I'm not sure which one I'm supposed to go by as my period, or when I should be expecting my next period, so if anyone knows that it would be wonderful!
Also, my boyfriend and I have been having sex the whole time since I stopped bleeding when I got off the pill. And yes, it's been unprotected sex. So I realize it's possible we are pregnant, which we are hoping for! I want to know when I should be expecting my period, so I can tell when I'm late and know when to take a pregnancy test! How likely would it be that I'm pregnant at this point??
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It's different for all women for when their cycle comes back. You might get it as expected, you could miss it for months. There's no clear cut answer. As for if you're pregnant, it's also impossible to say. You can take a test 2 weeks since you last had sex, and if it's negative than to see a doctor for blood work. Really the only thing you can do is wait it out and see.
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Thank you so much for at least answering my question :) Yeah, I kind of assumed I wouldn't be able to really tell, which is kind of a pain :P Thanks, though.
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