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When to expect menstrual cycle after d & c?

Hi all. I am curious to know when I can "expect" my next period.  I had a d & c on the 18th of Feb and from what I understand, my period should come around 4-6 weeks later. I want to know specifically from those who have had d & c's if this was actually the case. When did you have your period after your d & c?? Thanks much.
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I didn't have D&C but after MC I got AF 34 days later.....hope you get it on time so you can get started again.....good luck

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I got my first AF 30 days after my D&C, a little later than normal, but not by much.  I was 10weeks along when I had the procedure w/ an HCG over 60,000.
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It's so hard to say... depending on your situation. I m/c in Nov. and I had "periods" fairly regularly but my hCG levels were still really high and I wasn't ovulating.  So, if you're wondering when you'll ovulate you will have to wait til your numbers are down to 10 or below.  At least that's what I've been told and I've been charting with OPK's and it proved true for me.  I hope that helps and I'm so sorry for your loss.  Keep you chin up!  I'm TWW and will pray that AF doesn't come in two weeks! :)
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I forgot to mention... I had my D&C on 12/8 and it took til March 13th for me to ovulate.
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Thanks guys!!! Just wanting to know because its been about 4 weeks and nothing yet. What does OPK mean?? Thanks
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It's "ovulation predictor kit" ....you can find them with the home pregnancy tests (HPT).  GOOD LUCK!!  It's a waiting game! :) ~T
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