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When to see the gynecologist?

I had bacterial vaginosis a few months ago. I got treatment for it twice and I’m just not sure if it has gone away. I have clear to yellow discharge and I feel like there is an acidic smell. Should Insee my gynecologist or is everything fine?
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Usually when women write about the smell associated with BV, it's like a dead, rotten meat smell, especially right after their period. Acidic smell for vaginal discharge is pretty normal. Also so is clear or yellow (or yellow-green) in color. It doesn't really sound like you have BV.
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No bacterial vaginosis comes with fishy bad smell odour and it s not yellow in colour , usually what s yellow in colour is trichomonas . So you are taking wrong treatement
Hey there.  Thanks for the input.  I will say that doctors usually swab discharge if you go into a doctor's office so we can't say if something is the wrong treatment or not.
Hi sir thanks for your reply ,im gynecologist i speak to you from practical knowlege in clinic for 14 years usually yellow bad odour discharge is trichomonas you can take flagyl and see the results
Milky discharge that is white to yellowish is different than the kind of yellow discharge that comes from trich. If that were what the original poster had, in order to get flagyl prescribed, she would have go get swabbed by her ob/gyn (or general practitioner), since flagyl is not available here except by prescription. If the o.p. is concerned that white milky discharge that dries slightly yellowish is a sign of BV, it doesn't sound like it. If she has a noticeably yellow discharge with bad odor, she should see her doctor.
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I agree with anniebrooke, the hallmark sign of BV is the foul odor.  It's distinctive although it can come and go.  Do you have itching?  It may just be normal without being your norm.  Meaning it's just discharge.  When in doubt though, see the doctor.
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