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Where do I take my spouse for an emergency mamogram screening?

My Spouse noticed swelling in her breast last December and thet have been a constant state of soreness and pain. Her Doctor's and the hospitals have been running her around and in the past 3months she still hasn't been given an appointment for a mamogram andor ultrasound screening. The pain is getting worst and I'm tired of them toying with her lige and health. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE SHE CAN GO EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY TO GET SCREENED BECAUSE THIS IS TOTAL ********. NO WOMAN SHOULD HAVE TO BE TRAUMATIZED AND TORTURED IN REGARDS TO CANCER. I'M BEYOND PISSED AND WORRIED ANDCWE NEED IMMEDIATE ACTION. I STAY IN CHICAGO AND SHE'S IN DETROIT WHAT DO WE DO?!
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Hm, I live in Ohio.  We just call the mammogram center (any you are interested in) and get it done.  WE schedule the appointment, no referral needed. Doctor doesn't schedule it, we do.   It's not a regular doctor's office.  It's a mammogram imaging center.  In fact, we have mobile mammogram busses that travel to different places weekly and you can hop on and get a mamo that way.  So, put into your search bar, mammography in Detroit and you will get lots of results and have your wife make some calls and set it up.  good luck
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What is the name of the center and it's location?
Your wife can google that herself.  It's a simple search.  I'd start with her zip code and do a radius of 20 miles from there.  good luck
Once she does that, all she has to do is call them.  Does she have insurance?  That's usually covered under well care.  
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