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Which contraceptive method is best?

So I just had a D&C for a complete molar pregnancy. And I was advised by my clinician to avoid getting pregnant for a whole year. During this time she will monitor my BHCG levels to check for recurrance of the disease.

My question is, what kind of contraception should I opt for? She offered Mirena IUD, but I read on the internet that after a molar pregnancy, IUD's are not a good idea. What else is there to choose from?

Please help and advise.

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There's the injection or the implant? never had the implant, the injection did make me real tired, although my friends think that is the best contraceptive available.
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I had the shot and it was a nightmare. I gained 40 pounds, had severe depression and couldn't lose the weight until the shot completely came out of the system.
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How about the pill?
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The pill is okay, that made me lose interest in sex and I've tried many. Other than that, no other side effects.
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After reading about the Depo-Provera shot I wouldn't recommend it to anyone it can have long term residual affects on your body especially on conceiving.  Pills are alright, but you have to be consistent and that requires too much for me.  The new implant 'appears' great but we all know how the last implant bc went.  So I would say that the NuvaRing looks like a great method.  It has a very low failure rate, you only have to remember to take it out after 3 weeks and then replace it and not much negative feedback.  My next bc will be the ring.  Sorry for the loss, I hope everything works out later and you have no issue w/ future pregnancies.  Good luck
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