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Which could be my fertile days in this case?

From some years now I been a bit irregular on my periods. Im 47 yrs old. When I mean irregular I mean the  moment my period arrives each month . My last period was on January 6th but before that I had 3 months of no period at all, before those 3 months, maybe 2 months absence.  SOme years ago a similar event happened to me after my dad passed away  I had like 4 mos of no period at all. Now I think im becoming regular again, or am I still irregular?  My periods had always been normal, not very heavy or painful, the usual quantity and it lasts usually like 4 days.. My last period was January 6th of this year and now it is Feburary 1st and I spot  blood so I guess today start my new cycle again.

Taking into account these numbers what will  be my fertile days this month. So lts summarize, The first day of my period was January 6th and now Feb 1st. The thing is that I need to know which could be my fertile days in this month in order not to  have sex as I dont want kids now but I may probably have sex this month with the guy Im attracted. The last time I  had sex with the guy was in December (I lost my virginity here) but before December I had 3 months of free period (irregular). I did not use protection in December but since my period arrive Jnauary 6th I was never got pregnant. I know at my age 47 the chances of getting pregnant naturally are low due to hormone levels as you are in your mid 40´s or late 40´s like me.

So now the guy and I will probably have sex this month but I want to know which could  be my fertile days this month in order NOT to have sex those days and plan the date for other time with the guy.

Let me tell you im not under any female BC method now or I never had been under any BC before becaue I had never been sexually active in my life.

Periods this year

First day in Jnauary 6th, First day in Feb, Feb 1st.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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