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White bump on inner lips

Hi all,

Since a week or two I have a single white bump on the top of my inner vagina lip. It’s about half the size of a pea, is light read but with a white head and it feels a bit hard. It doesnt itch or hurt but it doesnt seem like it’s going away.

Does anybody know what this might be?

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I agree it can be a little cyst. Is it on your vaginal lip or your vulva (they kind of blend together).  did the sitz bath help? Here is a whole list of possibilities if it is still there and we can discuss!  Let us know! https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/vaginal-lumps-bumps#definition
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Probably a cyst. (I assume you don't think it's an STD?) You might try a few sitzbaths to see if it opens and drains.
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I’ve been with my current partner for more than a year so doubtful indeed. I’ll try the sitzbath, thank you!

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