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White bumps (how to get rid of them ???)

I have white bumps (like pimples) all over my vagina (not inside) they have been there for years now. I have had them checked out, and the doctor said that it was just fatty deposits.

I just wanted a second opinion. And more importantly would like to know if there is ANY way to get rid of them????  

I really am very paranoid about them!!  I know that everyone is different but I really can’t get past it. I hate the feeling of them / look of them. It affects my sex life. They are also slightly uncomfortable when pressed against.

So basically I just want them gone.

I have seen them on other people but never this quantity.

Has any one had this / got rid of this?
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If your doctor said it is not an std, then you should post this question on another forum.  Perhaps sexual health. Did you see a gynecologist?  If not, I recommend you getting an opinion from one and asking them how you can get rid of them if it is possible.  You could be misdiagnosed if the doctor you saw doesn't really know what they were looking at if you know what I mean.
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If you want a second opinion go to another doctor.  No one on the internet can diagnose you without actually doing a clinical exam.
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