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White patch in crease of clitoral hood.

I recently found a small patch of something in the crease of my clinical hood and on the side of the clitoras. Its swelled on that side and seems redder than usual. I thought maybe I had somehow cut myself shaving but then the spot didn't seem to look like healing the next morning.
I have symptoms which I blame on a new soap used this week possibly causing a UTI, but I'm also half wondering if this is related to a yeast infection. I plan to treat for that with OTC products overnight.
Whatever info you can provide would be great.

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Hi.  First, try not to worry.  This white patch of something is like gunk?  Asking because women can get a build up right in those creases that is white in color.  Does it hurt?  If you cut yourself, it could be infected but that would almost always also hurt.  A UTI is something entirely different.  That's a urinary tract infection.  And it happens when fecal matter gets inside the urethra.  (small hole that urine flows from).  This can happen through improper wiping after a bowel movement or something like sexual activity involving fingering from anus to that area.  The symptoms are usually VERY noticeable and involve pain when urinating that is memorable, hard to finish the full emptying of your bladder with burning, and frequent urge to go.  A yeast infection is overgrowth of candida and the tell tale sign is itching.  But also discharge from the vaginal area that is chunkier than usual, white or yellowish (most often). I would NOT treat yourself without knowing what you are treating.  Period.  That just causes more problems.  Your best bet is to gently clean the area with a warm wash cloth and soap and then keep your hands off of it and see if it is better.  If not, then see your doctor.
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Sounds like you have a yeast infection, but you won’t know until you go to the doctor. BV can cause itchiness too, but a lot of cottage cheese like discharge sounds more like yeast infection. Yeast infections can cause small red  bumps or redness  if left untreated. Try the over the counter stuff first like how you are doing, and then go to the doctor if it doesn’t clear up to narrow it down to what type of infection it might be.
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