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Whitehead Bump on Labia

I'm 31 yrs of age and I've had this whitehead bump on my labia since my early twenties. I've never had any pain or itches from this bump. Now about a week ago it turned into a sore in which I tried squeezing it and some puss came out.  I figured that after squeezing the puss out it would eventually disappear but it hasn't, it's now an open sore with a little whitehead in the middle and it only hurts if I fool with it. What can this be and how can I resolve this.
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You may need an antibiotic. This maybe an infected sebaceous cyst. Squeezing it is not a good idea.
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Possibly a cyst?? I had one on my labia that i thought was a pimple and ignored and it got so big i couldnt walk and had to have it lanced and packed n unpacked until it healed, worse pain than child birth. Id definitely ask about it at doctors hun!
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Do you think this cyst may have something to do with me not seeing a period because I haven't seen a period since the age of 18/19 ... I think they call it pcos (polycytic ovary syndrome)
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Thank you for the diagnosis .... I did some research about the sebaceous cyst online and most of what I found was the hot compress solution. So this morning I went ahead and proceeded with the hot compresses for about 15 minutes left it alone and went back to check and realized the cyst was coming out. So I gave it a mini squeeze and the cyst fully came out.
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