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Why am I bleeding after sex?

Advise and reassurance please. Had endometrial ablation May 2019 along with lots of other tests and smear due to occasional spotting between periods. Since the ablation I know roughly when my period is due due to breast pain and I get one but very light. Normally it is having sex that kicks this off. Last Friday 15th after quite vigorous sex I had mild red bleeding  then for 3-4 days after light pink / brown discharge which is normally what my period is like now (period was due Monday 18th), sex on 19th slight brown discharge. Everything had stopped by Wednesday but sex last night 22nd and red blood during. TMI but I was on top and slightly vigorous.
Problem is I'm such a worrier & suffer with health anxiety and now this is all that's in my head and I'm back to thinking how I was a year ago that it's something sinister and terrible.
FYI sex the Tuesday before 22nd and previously no bleeding.
Reassurance needed for a stupid panicky person.
Thank you whoever takes the time to answer
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Hello, well.  I think this warrants a discussion with your ob/gyn.  I hate to say it but being tested for std's may be wise as bleeding after sex sometimes happens with std's. Chlamydia is know to do that, for example.  Now that is probably NOT the case but you want to rule it out.  Bleeding after sex is not all that uncommon.  Something else that could be going on is that your cervix is quite vascular.  During vigorous penetration, perhaps these blood vessels are being aggravated and then bleed.  This is a common cause of bleeding after sex too. Are you lubricated enough?  Vaginal dryness can increase the odds of bleeding. You also want to make sure you don't have any sort of infection.  https://www.webmd.com/women/bleeding-after-sex#1  Likely this is something quite treatable or understandable and you don't need to be overly worried.  but do get it checked out with your doctor.  Let us know what they say!
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