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Why am I bleeding?

I’m almost 17 and I’ve been bleeding when I masturbate but I don’t insert anything at all should I be worried? I also have an implant but my doctor said I should only get irregular spotting but this has been happening even before I started the implant and when I was on couple different birth controls ( at different times)
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Since you have the implant and have had different kinds of birth control, that implies you've had penetrative sex. Do you have bleeding from that?
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No I have never had sex before. I take birth control for a few reasons.
And do you associate the bleeding with orgasm, or with fingering?
I have never been able to orgasm and I don’t finger
I was trying to sort out two possibilities. One would be if the act of masturbation caused the bleeding, and the other would be if bleeding is triggered by orgasm. (If orgasm causes bleeding, it can suggest a fibroid or something inside your uterus is affected by the contractions of orgasm.)

Since you haven't had penetration nor orgasm, it sounds like the only choice left is that something about the way you masturbate (i.e., your method) makes you bleed. Do you think there is something about what you're using to put pressure on yourself that might abrade small blood vessels in the skin?
Are use my hand I could be using too much pressure
Maybe; it seems like if you were pressing enough to hurt yourself, you would feel it as painful, or at least it might make the area numb. Have you ever looked at your lady area with a magnifying mirror to see if it looks red or distressed after a session?
Not really sometimes it hurts and I’ll stop and sometimes I think it’s red. So I must be using to much pressure
The tissues in the area are pretty tender. If you are pressing hard enough to press them into a bone in a way they find irritating, I guess you could cause bleeding, but it seems like a pretty hard way to cause bleeding. But pretty much everything else is ruled out by what you have said. You're not using anything that penetrates, and apparently not scratching yourself or abrading yourself with something rough. It's a puzzle but you're probably right about too much pressure.  
Ok thank you that makes me feel better
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Do you bleed every time you masturbate?  You don't insert anything into your vagina and still bleed?
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