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Why am I having two periods a week apart from each other?

My periods for like three months have been following a pattern to when they will show up and go away this month I have had two periods on the 7th I started my period and it ended around the 12 and now its started again a few days ago y is this happening? Could it be a medical issue? Or is the something wrong with my uterus? Could I be pregnant? I for real have no clue what it could be but these r just some things ive been told or have seen please help me out I’m genuinely concerned
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Hi, how old are you? This can be caused by a lot of things, and some would be more common for a young woman just starting her cycles and some would be more common for an older woman. Have you had any kids? Have you ever had a uterine polyp or fibroid? Are you taking any medications? How is your thyroid?

My suggestion is to see your ob/gyn, and maybe he or she might also refer you to an endocrinologist.
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I do not have kids and ive been having periods for many many years Ive never had polyp or any of that that I know of and I dont have a ob/gyn
I also do take meds but none of them r new so i dont think that theyd be having any effects sense ive been taking them for years and ive never had this happen before so I dont think that they could be tied to it
Well, even if you don't have an ob/gyn now, they are not hard to find. You can do so through a recommendation from your primary-care medical provider. It's time to do so if you have been having periods for many years, this represents a change. It could well be a fibroid. Get checked.
I too wonder about your age, as you did not include that with your reply.  As a woman ages and reaches menopause sometimes the periods occur more frequently.   You may even be having an early menopause, as some women do.  I agree with AnneBrooke go and get checked by an ob/gyn; as all women should have one.  If money is a problem you can go  to a community health service.  They charge on a sliding scale (which is sometimes $0.).
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