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Why cant i get pregnet

I am 17 iv had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about 9 times and im still not pregnte why cant i get pregnet.a few mths ago i stoped having my period so i though i was preg i toke 5 home test n 2 bloood n they all said neg. i didnt have my period for 3mths. then i got my period reguler for about 4 mths n it happend again i stoped having my period and then i toke test nothing but i get all the signs and symtomes but all the test come out negative this time it was only 2 mths no period then i got it and once agin its really heavy and when i wipe theres chunks of blood.
i have never been on ne birth control and im not on ne med wht could it b
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I also, didn't get my period for 3 months, I thought that I was prego, in the end, it was just my body going through some hormone changes.....(at least thats what the doctors said). You should go see a doctor, and they can do some tests. I factor that they were looking into for me was my thyroid. Why do you want to get pregnant, your only 17. Take your time, and enjoy these years!!!
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why in the world do you want to have a baby at 17, you cant even spell correctly! wait!! you dont need to have a abby right now. maybe your bodys not ready to have a baby right now. i suggest waiting. use a condom and birthcontrol
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If you stopped having your period regularly and are only getting it random months, you might have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)...which means it'll be really hard for you to get pregnant.

My sister has PCOS, and her first symptom of it was that she stopped having regular periods. You should go to the doctors and get tested.

Also, just because you're having unprotected sex doesn't mean you'll get pregnant automatically. My fiancee and I are trying to conceive, so we've had unprotected sex daily for 2 months, and I'm still not pregnant. It takes time. Just because your partner ejaculates inside you doesn't mean you're going to get pregnant. There are many other factors involved.

I recommend you get tested for PCOS due to your irregular periods.

Good luck!
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You are still young so don't panic! I had this and it turned out I had high progestrogen levels! Most women take and average 1 year to get pregnant and it all depends on your body, health etc. If you are worried go to a doc and get some tests done I did though it opened a whole new can of worms for me but just remember not everyone gets pregnant really quick. Have fun preacticing and enjoy yourself without stress! Good luck with geting preg.
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allisonicole and wyldKat



you are only 17, a baby right now is not what you need. You need to finish high school, go to collage of some type and get a carrer (notice i say career and NOT job) raising a child is EXPENSIVE and you are still a child yourself, with so much life ahead of you, things to do, go on road trips with friends, go to the caribbean, be able to waste a paycheck on a new wardrobe, induldge in the spa. and frankly your boyfriend probably won't stick around for long since you won;t be able to go out and have fun then you'll be stuck raising a child BY  YOURSELF
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i usually keep my mouth shut when it comes to those who are well children and are ttc but....i figured what the hell i'll throw in my sense.

i agree 100% with evthing4reason.

lovelife0911...are you even finished with high school yet? if you don't have a high school diploma you're pretty much screwed in life. you can't go to college or trade school to get a career or even get a decent job. it'll be mcdonalds for life. are you financially stable to support yourself AND a child (or more if you're super fertile like me and end up with twins)? are you 1,000,000% sure you bf is going to stick around? what if he's saying yeah lets have a baby and once you get pregnant and the reality hits that well your lives are about to change drastically and he decides he doesn't want the responsibility of being a parent...then you're left all alone. what about living arrangements? if you live with your parents now....what are you going to do? can you handle getting up throughout the night (sometimes it's more then once) to change, feed or just soothe your baby back to sleep? what about health insurance? do you have good enough insurance to take care of you AND the baby? what about transportation? to get you to your ob appointments, pick up prescriptions and after baby comes along to take him/her to the doctors or god forbid the hospital if they get sick.

you REALLY need to sit down and think about having a child and what it intales before you actually do get pregnant. the dh and i discussed for a good 6 months before we even tried to get pregnant. we're financially stable without 99% of the worries you have and we're both still worried about our boys and if we're going to do a good job and give our kids everything they need or want. just remember having a baby isn't like having a kitten or puppy....it takes a LOT more hard work to raise a human baby then a fuzzy animal baby.
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