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Why did I get my period today after not having it for 2 years?

I am 51.  Haven't had my period since August 2015.
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This sounds very much like what happened to a friend of mine. She was young for menopause as well (as your age is actually on the young side to be fully through that)---  but had not had a period for over a year and then had one. She had one more after about 6 months after that and has now had no periods for anther year.  She is 53.  Your doctor can help you with blood work that would determine exactly where you are at in the menopause story.  good luck and let us know!
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By the way, you may have not had a period unrelated to menopause as again, if that was 2015 and you are 51, 49 is young to be in full menopause.  Have you ever had your thyroid checked?  Perhaps you had another issue going on that resolved and now your cycle is starting again.  Anyway, what had your doctor said about things?  It gets tricky when you are this age to figure out exactly what is happening.  good luck
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Hi, It does happen at times. Here's a good source of information on this that I found for you. It may have all the answers you seek. All the best

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