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Why do I get menstruation cramps on one side?

Hello,  I am a 17 year old female. For the past year now I have noticed that I get bad menstrual cramps on my lower right abdomen whem I first got them i feared appendicitis, the pain eventually got to the point of me going to the hospital. They did a blood test and told me i was fine. After that i went to my doctor who reffered me to a gynecologist who then reffered me to ultrasound to check for eendometriosis,I didnt have any endometriosis and my gynecologist told me i must be unlucky and just have very painful periods,she prescribede birth control, i took it for a bit nut it didnt work out (made me badly nauseous) i just deal with the pain now. But im curious, is it normal?
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It could be endometriosis. Ultrasound is not the best way to spot it, you would need a laparoscopy.  Ask your ob/gyn for a referral to someone who is expert in endometriosis.
Yeah I was thinking i might do that because sometimes the pain gets very bad other times not so much.
I was told for 17 years I didn’t have it. Turns out I had it. See a urogynecologist and or a minimally invasive surgeon regarding endometriosis. You have to do it laparoscopically. Also see an interventional radiologist for vascular issues. Vascular issues range from, pelvic congestion syndrome, renal nutcracker syndrome , mals, etc.. vascular issues can exacerbate endo and endo can exacerbate vascular issues as well. Pelvic floor therapy is useful for pelvic floor dysfunction. Keep a journal of when you pain is worse. If it happens when you ovulate and then also happens before and or during your periods  it’s very likely endometriosis. Find a reputable surgeon that does excision . Ablation is not recommended by endo experts. Do research online.
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Are you having cramps or pain?
I get both but there is a distinct difference between the two pains i noticed, the pain in question is always on lower right side and throbbing and warm, only happens on my period.
Definitely have the laparoscopic endometriosis procedure as it’s only happening with your period it’s more than likely endo. Get it excised now before it spreads. I had it for over 17 years and it spread unfortunately pain got so bad. Several doctors I went to told me I didn’t have it because they didn’t properly diagnose me.
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