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Why do my nipples feel wet but aren't ?

I'm a 16 year old and a virgin, my nipples at anytime of the day (usually at night time or early morning like 4, 5 or 6 am) feel wet but aren't, and as I said I'm a virgin so pregnancy is not in question, I don't know what is happening to me, please help
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Hi, you said your nipples "feel wet but aren't." If there is no actual liquid involved, then it might just be the nerves of your skin. Ever have the sensation an ant was crawling on your back but nothing was there? The nerves can activate and make the skin feel like something is there that isn't.
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Hi.  Don't panic.  Are you leaking a discharge at all?  You can express something out of the nipple if you squeeze gently but firmly on it? This is not that uncommon and happens sometimes when hormones shift.  Or if there is an issue with the pituitary gland.  Do you have actual wetness?  Is there any pain?  I had nipples discharge (people often think that it is milk, it's not) in my early 20's when I had hormone imbalance of too much estrogen production.  They did do an MRI of my pituitary gland which is this tiny little gland in your brain to see if I had a benign (non cancerous!) tiny tumor that is can cause this issue of  leaking nipples.  I didn't.  It's harmless if one does, though. The first thing to do is to really talk to your mom or trusted adult.  Galactorrhea is the technical term that might be happening if you have actual discharge.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/galactorrhea/symptoms-causes/syc-20350431  Talk to your mom.  Then have her schedule an appointment with your doctor.  They may do some simple blood work.  Is your period on time?  (nothing to do with pregnancy for why I'm asking, but being irregular is common at your age but can also happen due to hormonal imbalance).  The pill may be something they consider to 'normalize' you.  But please do talk to your mom.  That's what she is there for!
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I had my first period around 4 years ago and from the last 11 - 12 months or a year (not sure) have irregular periods or no periods at all, and when I do get periods there is hardly any bleeding and the pain and cramps and stuff isn't there, it's either after or before my periods, even this month I haven't gotten my period yet, it's a week so late (not sure how late it is) and I can't discuss this with my mom, she tells at me and says that I'm lying and faking it, also like a few minutes ago there was something white kind of coming out of them, like my nipples feel wet right now and I don't know why I scratched one of them a bit and something clump kind of but dry and very small and thing of white came out
That's too bad about your mom.  She tells you that you are lying?  Have you tried talking to her?  I only ask because as a mom, my kid's health is important.  If she is unapproachable, are there any other trusted adults you can talk to?  People on the internet really can't do anything for a 16 year old that needs an adult in their life to help them get to a doctor. If white came out, you have the discharge I was talking about.  Hormones are usually the reason.  But you should talk to your doctor about it.  I think you really are going to have to talk to an adult whether it is mom, grandma, aunt, older sister . . .  
I did try talking with her, she yelled at me and called me a liar and that I'm pretending, I don't have anybody to talk about this, I don't know what to do
That's difficult.  Overall, this is likely harmless.  So not an emergency where you need immediate help.  Do you get an annual physical?
Nope, never did, it could be something serious you know, I don't want to die, I'm just 16, I'm not ready to die
Well, nobody ever died from feeling like their nipples were wet. If you want your mom to get you a doctor appointment, stick with reality when you tell her what is going on. Unless you have a lot of wet liquid it's probably just skin salts and fats in the creases of the nipple. (Nipples have a lot of hidden pores and creases.) If it is actually runny liquid, then see the doctor as soon as you can persuade your mom. But don't test her patience over some small dried-up pieces of whitish stuff. Those are actually pretty normal.  
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