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Why hair loss after hysterectomy?

I am wondering why I am loosing so much hair after my complete (my ovaries are out too)hysterectomy? I was on 1 mg of Estrace which was very helpful the first month or two.I felt so incredibly good. My hot flashes were gone completely, and my moods swings were stable.Then after about one and a half months my hot flashes and mood swings came back with a vengeance.Because I couldn't get in to see the Dr. for another 2 months  I started taking 1 and 1/2 mg of Estrace for another month. I still didn't notice a difference after another month of experiementing so I took another 1/2 of estrace. The 2mg dose of estrace seemed to help with the mood swings but the sweating and frontal hair loss has been devastating to me to say the least.The Dr. now has me on 100mg of prometrium together with 1 mg of Estrace, but stated to me that I shouldn't really need the prometrium beings I don't have a Uterus anymore.Am I going to keep loosing my hair like this?I'm sick about it b/c my hair is already so fine and thin. What can I do?

                                                                                                 Thanks for your time,   Connie  
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Hi Connie,

I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago with removal of ovaries.

Low testosterone can cause loss of hair.  So can low thyroid.  I recommend you have blood tests to determine hormone levels.  At the very least, they should test for estrogen, testosterone free and serum and thyroid.

I get bioidentical hormones of estrogen and testesterone.  I also have low thyroid so take meds for that as well.  There are different methods of delivery for the estrogen and testosterone: pills, creams, gels, patches and pellets.  I get the pellets.  They are implanted under the skin on my hip about every 3-5 months.  

I also recommend seeing a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormones and menopause.

Good luck!
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How were you able to get the bioidentical hormone pellets? My dr only does the cream which is a real pain. I can never get it completely rubbed in and worry about it getting on my kids.
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