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Why have I been spotting every other day

I am having a current issue on top of my pervious history of issues with menstruation. I am currently 25 years old and I have never had regular periods. I had my first "period" in 6th grade which did not return until my freshman year of high school. Since then, I have always had at MOST 3 periods a year although they get less the older I get it seems. Currently I havent had a period of my own since January 2017. In July 2017 I had taken hormones from my doctor to induce a period for bloodwork/ultrasound pruposes. I have known something isnt right with my cycle since I was 17 yet every time I see a doctor there are no answers. I've been told maybe I was a late "starter" until I was about 20 years old (even though I've had boobs/hit puberty in 6th grade). Then I was told I needed to tey bieth control, which did not help me get a period. Then I was told maybe I was overweight and that is why I dont get periods, so I lost 50 pounds about 2 years ago. None of these things have been the right factors. My hormone levels are normal, my thyroid has been tested, I've had ultrasounds, multiple times done bloodwork and for different doctors, too. My most recent gyno diagnosed me with PCOS and admitted she was not confident in the diagnosis and said that we would continue routine bloodwork. I have mostly given up since I am not yet looking to conceive, but I would like to know why I am not "normal". As of right now my issue is that I have been spotting almost every other day for the past 2 and a half months. Some days there is only blood when I wipe, other days there is enough blood to ruin a pair of underwear. It is not consistent and at times will go away for multiple days but more days I am spotting than not. What could this all possibly be from? I can never find answers from doctors or even online from other women. A few other "symptoms" that I MAY have include: excessive tiredness, sometimes my hands or feet go numb although this symptom has been better over the past few months, constant lower back pain, general mild body aches/pains, I go through phases every so often where I often feel lightheaded to the point of not being able to walk, and I also go through random phases of having daily slught nausea. However, with these symptoms I also want to say that I do work on my feet for a living as a bartender and have associated many of these things to that. My diet does consist of healthy foods although it is not perfect. I drink water all day, 1 cup of caffeine or less a day. I do not exercise often but I do work on my feet like I said so I am pretty active from that. I am easily stressed but feel that I handle it well. For the past 4 years I have been a frequent user of marijuana, and for the past year I have smoked a half a pack or less of cigarettes daily. I am just trying to give any information I can think of that may help you get to know my overall health and lifestyle to help me see what could be the underlying reason for my menstrual issues. I hope I somewhat reflect a scenario that has been seen/experienced/delt with before.
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