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Why is my labia swollen and hard?

I don't know what caused this. I was itching and scratching and then all of a sudden my labia is swollen and hard, both sides. I've tried googling and most talk about some B-word cyst but it doesn't look like that. It's closer to my clit and urethra than my vagina.

I took photos but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them here. I can't find anything that looks like it on the internet; I can e-mail you photos if you think that would help. I'm really worried. It doesn't hurt but it's very uncomfortable and weird.
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I've got the same problem right now, but only one side.  I've been googling it for days but have no idea.

I also think I have a Bartholin cyst or a periclitoral abscess, but that's been around since I was 16 and now I'm 23, and just kind of appears then disappears and then reappears randomly. (and I've been googling that for years too)

I hope someone can help us!
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I just experienced this same thing after feeling some irritation, gave a few good scratches a bam, one side is so swollen and kinda hard. Talk about weird and kinda scary! I've googled also and noticed that it may be a yeast infection or bacterial infection and by scratching the area, it can spread the infection and can cause the swelling to occur. I've been icing it and it doesn't appear to reduce the swelling...not sure what else to try other than going to bed and hoping it reduces before morning. I'm still getting into the doc to get tests done to be sure on what this is. Good luck!
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I have the same problem right now. Did the swelling go down for you girls after a few days? I think I've had this before where I scratched and it just blew up. But this time there was no scratching. I just noticed a little bit of pain down there and when I looked my right labia was swollen. I already took one epsom salt bath and it may have help for a little bit but now its just getting bigger. I also took some benadryl but that just made me pass out. I also have a cold. Ugh. Whats wrong with me? I don't have med insurance but maybe I can go to plan parenthood and have one of their doctors take a look.
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ok so i just notived this about an hour ago...
i just started itching really badly and it was baaaaaaaaddd...
then i went to my room to change into night cloths and felt hot and i '
checked myself and immediately freaked....i went to the bathroom and looked it
i was bad. This has never in my life happened to me.
I tought it could be from shaving and i knicked som skin, or the hairs were growing back and just irratating the spot. I just don't know, im scard, idont have med ins. either. IDK what to do
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I have the same thing! omg i thought i was going crazy. It started as an itch and when i kept scratching, the left side turned all swollen and kind of hard too!!! i took pictures as well and i have been to the doctor more than 5 times and they prescribed me all kinds of medicine which hasn't helped yet. I want to know what it is that i have!! any ideas?
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ok I have the same thing I just noticed it one day...ive never had sex and im only 13 and im kinda scared
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does anyone know what is causing this , I'm freaking out
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I have exactly the same thing. I felt an itch so scratched it and then I noticed I was hugely swollen there. All the right side. Freaking out!! Did anyone see a dr or find out what it is? Help!
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i had the same issue, and i spoke to my mum about it and she told me to take an antibiotic so i got like 500mg antibiotic like a loridine/piriton to reduce the irritation and well the irritation medicine worked overnight and i felt better. Next morning i checked and the antibiotic worked and the swelling had gone but now the vaginal lip looks super aged. my mum told me to keep taking the anti biotic for like 5 days in a row and if it doesnt get better and goto a doc. I hope you guys can work with what i said as a temporary solution till you goto a doc. It's an irritation/infection from possibly an underwear material/vaginal spray/not cleaning it well or by using soap or whatever there. Best to a get a test and work on it with a doc.
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(I am not a doctor)

Please don't freak out this is more common then we think.

(Warning) If it goes on to long and nothing has changed but the disconfort level had increased it could turn into a UTI. (Only if it gets worse)

DO NOT SCRATCH or RUB! Causes friction = friction makes HEAT = heat causes irritation = much worse then before.


Tip 1. Cold/Warm rag DAB gently for a while to help reduce itching. (won't last very long sometimes

Tip 2. Baking soda bath! Apply to lukewarm bath and soak waste deep for how ever long you feel nessesary.

Tip 3. ACV - Apple Cider Vineger bath! Apply to lukewarm bath and soak waste deep for how ever long you feel nessesary

(Not sure what would happen if you combined tips 2 & 3)

Tip 4. Drink ACV it kills Bactria in your system. (good for all things hair, weight loss, healthy skin, etc.)

Tip. 5 Honey! Apply to the irritated area for about 15 mins and clean with cool wet rag. Repeat 2x a day ( I haven't done this one but I heard it worked)

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Over all! This could just be your PH balene thrown off from everyday activities. Sex is not always the reason.

- Clean yourself reg (NOT TO MUCH)
- Eat more veggies and fruits

If nun of this works go to a doc for more professional help.

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ALSO ! Wear breathable underwear NO THONGS
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