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Why is my vulva still sore months after infection?

Last April, I had two welts on my vulva that I didn't go into the doctor's for- which I regret immensely now. They stung and hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. After they went away, I still had tingling, itchiness, and a burning sensation that came and went. I've had more flare ups of intense stinging pain, just minus the welts. I also had an enlarged lymph node and green discharge... Doctors prescribed me something for a yeast infection and BV. I also got a dose of antibiotics. Now, I still have some itching and feelings of burning...just not like before. It's much less severe. My vulva has remained sore throughout this whole ordeal- that never went away. Sometimes it feels like I'm sitting on a ball. I have noticed that while I'm lying down trying to sleep, I'll get twitches. Sometimes my legs will twitch, sometimes my vulva. I can feel my pulse in my lower abdomen and back. At times, I have a strange stomach-drop feeling down there? Does anyone have any idea what these strange symptoms could be?
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Hello powerdblue. So this has been going on since last April? Does it seem to get better and come back? When was the last time you saw your healthcare provider who prescribed your medications? When was the last time you had a vaginal culture done (a swab during a pelvic exam)? Do you still have enlarged lymph nodes? Any current discharge? It could be vulvodynia.
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