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Wicked poison aka Depo Provera ,

I have ' Boarderline' disorder and after my forth baby in haste had Depo Provera ,  my weight piled on and made my depression ,at times , unable to cope with , (2 + yrs ago ) sex life left and took self esteem with it , after months of doing EVERYTHING to shift a pound , nothing , found a whizz of girl who said Metformin and zero carb diet would be the only way to do it , made sense , it were a chemical that caused it it could only be a chemical to reverse it , my daughter who has ASD is destressed herself by my weight gain and it kills me when she says when are you going back to my mum , tried MFM and it knocks me out can not move ? why , please help , i feel like i have been cursed this is not my body ? I do feel suicidal , i wont , thats just another emotion i could well do without , i miss so much of my daughters lives already please God give me a break ! he rarely does , so have you any ideas I'v coped with so much emotional blows that hit me harder because of my disorder but this one is consuming my life , Yours Hopefully MiaUK
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I blew up like the good year blimp when I was on Depo.  And I'm not overweight normally.  I also developed Lichensclerosis while I was on it and since I'd never had anything weird like that before, my doctor assumes it was because of that. It mucked with my hormones so bad that it was like I was in premature menopause.  My gyno said my insides looked like an 80 year old womans.  My tissues became so thin on my labial area that just wiping myself after peeing would bruise my labia minor and clitoris.  My clit turned black once and I went to the doctors about it.  That's when she decided no more Depo.  Went off it, took 2 years to normalize and no more lichensclerosis or thin vulva. Oh, and weight stripped off like nothing afterwards.  Was back into my old jeans in about 6 months without dieting.
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