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Will it be back to normal?

I tried anal with my SO around first week of April, it did hurt a lot but after a few minutes of finally inserting his **** inside, it felt good,I wasn't able to poop after a day. After a few days, I was able to poop but I had to wait for it to come out, now I've been struggling to poop and been constipated for days unlike back then, I could poop less than 5 mins. What could have been the cause?
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Maybe totally unrelated. Any chance you have IBS?  We can still have bowel movements and have IBS.  (irritable bowel syndrome).
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Try some fiber gummies for a few days and see if everything comes back to normal. Like specialmom, I think it could be two totally unrelated things -- diet can do this all by itself. Or, just take a spoonful of olive oil every day.
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