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Will it hurt again or not the second time?

I had my first sexual experience  mid December. It did hurt both times I  had sex that day with the guy. Not super a lot but it did feel uncomfortable and in the second round I had to tell the guy it was better if we stop. That day I did  bleed, not a lot but I did.  I suppose it was because my hymen was torn. The guy was even very in a surprise that I bleed it was like he was not expecting me to bleed. Maybe he thought I did not have to  bleed.
He even had to clean his penis after we had sex, I guess he did not want to have bleed on his penis.

The thing is that it had passed almost 2 months after my first sexual encounter and I am wondering if I will bleed again the second time because maybe I will see the guy again at the end of this month or beginning of March. I mean it had passed a lot of time and I assume my vagina went back to his original form  like if I had never had sex before so Im afraid that it will hurt again as my vagina maybe is in the same form as it was before I had sex, so maybe once again my vagina is tight and maybe I will bleed again and again it will hurt, especially because im not having sex regularly  for the vagina to be more stretched. Like I said my first time was in mid December and since then I have not had sex again with the guy and maybe until March I will see the guy.

If it takes a long time for me to have sex between sessions , is it like I never had sex before and each time it will hurt and I will bleed?
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It is possible you could bleed again. With that in mind, please make sure you are using condoms and plenty of lubrication. If you are having intercourse you should be comfortable communicating with your partner. If you would like him to slow down, let him know.
So is likely posible I bleed again? Darn!!! So if I bleed again and even if I alreayd passed my first sexual test, it could also mean my vagina walls are still tight  and has not streteched well becaise I havent had sex lately it has been 2 months since my first time and I feel im like the first time, as I dont ahve sex regularly in order for me to get use to it.
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