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Will my girlfriend get pregnant??

Me and my girlfriend were messing around in bed and we had partial sex, which during so I had pre *** coming out. I had masturbated that morning, but I cannot remember if I had gone to the toilet afterwards. Is my girlfriend likely to get pregnant?? Thanks.
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First, having gone to the bathroom or not has nothing to do with potency of sperm and impregnating someone. That is some kind of crazy myth out there.  If you put your penis in her vagina, you risked pregnancy.  Good luck
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I assume you are worried that some sperm from the earlier masturbation got a ride in the pre-ejaculatory fluid coming from your penis and into her body?  (Guess what, "partial sex" is sex, if it passes a sperm from one person to the other.  Sorry.)  And you did this knowing she was not on the Pill or using an IUD?  That is letting your little head think instead of your big head.

Yes, she could get pregnant.  If you did still have sperm in your urethra and it took the bus to Vaginaland, that's about as good as if you ejaculated.  It only takes one sperm.

A lot will depend on where she is in her cycle.  If she is at the time when she might ovulate, then there is about a 20-25% chance of pregnancy if you did manage to send a sperm on the pre-ejaculate bus.  If she is not at the time when she might ovulate, she would be unlikely to get pregnant.

For heaven's sake, don't be idiots next time.
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