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Every time we have sex the sperm discharges from the vagina,it does not stay in.If this is the case ,how will i concieve.Please let m know the suggestion
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There is something called pre-ejaculation which is when sperm is discharged from the men penis while you are having sex. Even when discharge comes from the vagina that does not mean that some are not still in there. If you want to conceive and you have been trying to and you noticed that this might be a problem in preventing you from concieving then the best solution is to talk to your gynecologist about the problem. He may be able to suggest something.

PS. You may have to lie on your back with your foot in the air to make it stay a while.
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I agree with Franchieh this happens to a lot of us ladies it's pretty natural, why not try a pillow under your bottom just to raise you a little and it helps to relax after sex if your trying to conceive. good luck x
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the semen has to discharge from the vagina but there are millions of sperm in the tiniest amount of semen. don't worry about it, this is how it works, u will eventually conceive
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Sperm are not only in pre ejaculate but also in ejaculate. When the man ejaculates the sperm do not stay in the semen. They begin their travel to the egg. The semen won't stay inside of the woman. It's not supposed to. Don't worry the sperm know what to do. If you are trying to conceive be sure to have sex when you are ovulating. If you're not getting pregnant go to your ob/gyn for testing and have your spouse's sperm mobility tested to be sure he's not "shooting blanks".
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I had sex with my fiance a week ago and he ejaculated inside of me. We was planning on waiting to get pregnant until after we are married. I got scared so I douched right after he did it. My symptoms are breast tenderness, cramping and just last night i went to the bathroom and I had a pinkish discharge could I be pregnant
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I want to get pregnant, how can I get pregnant fast? I've had an ectopic pregnancy in Aug 08, and a miscarriage in June 2010, and another one in march 2011, I'm scared that I can't get pregnant & have a healthy baby, how can I get an ob/gyn? can I go to my regular doctor about this?
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