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Women's Health Concern, Developing Osteoporosis

Statistically, most women as they get older worry about developing osteoporosis. Are you worried about this? I am.  The idea of my bones becoming brittle and weak and breaking easily sounds very constricting to an active life. I also don't want to get the classic stoop or lose any height don't have enough to lose)!  

We reach our peak bone mass by age 30!  And then it is downhill.  Our family history, age, diet and hormone levels all can affect it.  (those hormones strike again. Thyroid issues?  More likely to have osteoporosis, for example.  Also medications you may be taking or illnesses you may have can increase your risk for osteoporosis.

The 411 on osteoporosis.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/osteoporosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351968

SOOOO, what can we do to prevent it?  Care to help me make a list?

Exercise such aerobics, walking, running, swimming as well as weight lifting.  (I have been meaning to do each and every of those . . .)
Add calcium and Vitamin D.  (I use orange juice that is fortified, think that is enough?)
Gulp . . .   give up soda.  

Any other ideas?

Are you worried about osteoporosis?
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Great topic, specialmom! I do worry about osteoporosis. I am a small person and, to make matters worse, my organs were needlessly removed (for an ovarian mass / cyst) further increasing my risk.

I take estrogen which should help maintain some bone density. I used to take a calcium supplement (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D3) regularly but then read that too much calcium is bad for the heart so stopped completely. Probably not a good idea! I have started taking it again but haven't gotten into the regular habit yet so tend to forget a bit. I have read that the forms of calcium you can take without food are better absorbed at night so I take it before bed. I also exercise some but not as much as I should.
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There is lots of osteoporosis in my family, both Dad's and Mom's sides. So I take calcium and D, and I am also on a low dose of estrogen with protesterone 12 days a month. Not great, since research suggests issues with the heart or breast cancer from hormones. But since I know I'll get the bent back otherwise and don't know that I'll get problems from the HRT, I'm OK with it right now. Maybe later I'll talk to the doc and see what else can be done.
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Oh my gosh, trying to manage the entire aging body!  It's exhausting.  Prevention in one area causing potential more risk in another is frustrating!  When I was very thin, my doctor said that I have a higher risk of osteoporosis when I get older. I took care of that risk.  haha.

I worry about it because can you imagine how much pain those poor ladies are in that have their vertebrae fracture and no longer being able to hold their head up?  Makes me sad for them and scared for myself!

Do you do any light weight work outs too to help?
Only lifting furniture and a 45-lb. dog. lol
Well, ya, if being the family pack mule will prevent osteoporosis, I'm good. lol
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