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Worms in vaginal area

A couple weeks ago, i saw a tiny, thin worm in my pubic hair. When i looked further, i saw another, thicker one.
You need to know that worms are my ultimate phobia, i feel like puking when i see or even think of them. So i didn't do anything to the area itself.
I took nemecid worm medicine (three pills each night for three nights and then three pills one night one week later). but today, i saw another one of those thin worms in the same area, and was afraid to look further.

is it that the medicine killed only the worms in the intestine, but not the ones in the vaginal area? what can i do to get rid of them?
i normally keep my pubic area shaved, but since i first saw the worms, i was afraid to look down there too much in case i find a whole bunch of them, i'd go crazy if i did, so the hair is a couple centimeters long now
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i also forgot to ask, can lactacyd kill the ones in the vaginal area?
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Talk to the doctor.  If you mis-identify the worm, you can be taking the worm meds and not hit it right.  Are you thinking they are pinworms?  tapeworms?  roundworms?  Each has its own medicine.
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In my home country of Ethiopia the custom of eating raw meat is the main cause of worms, I been dealing and living with worms in my Vagina since I was a little girl. I never had a problem with worms in my pubic hair and I have a big bush, I will be on the lookout for worms in my pubic hair
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I never knew a female could get worms inside the vagina ...how can worms live there? were do they come from?how to they form? how do they get there? omg,, and u say you been living with worms in the vaginal area since u were a little girl////I think if u go to the doctor they can prescribe you something to get rid of them....I was just stunned by your comment...
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Sorry but my butt would be flying to the ER if I found anything alive on any part of my body! You should call your gynocolgist doctor asap! The can lay eggs in you ueretha which will become extremely painful also can lay them in anys.. (your comment freaked me out so bad I had to go research) ... there are several type of worms I recommend putting the found worm in a glass jar with a screw on sealed top and bring to whichever dr you go see. Also check toilet after you pee to see if there are any in toilet if there are put them in a jar and head off to dr!!
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Eeewww! This is gross I'm sorry to say, never in my life heard of worm on the skin let alone the pubic hair or area. Pleeeease rush to any near by doctor immediately for help. To even think you saw the worm on ur body, you left it and even slept with it makes me wanna puke.
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This is a very, very old thread.  I am certain by now that the OP has found some resolution to the problem.  Thus, we are closing this thread to further comments.

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