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Worried about Fibroids and Pregnant

Hi On friday the 13th i went to the gyn for a regular checkup and found out i am pregnant. The dr checked my uterus and said i was about 14wks along. He scheduled me for a sono internal and external. The sonographer told me i had many fibroids and that she could just barely make out a tiny gestational sac, that it was the smallest she's ever seen. I am scheduled to see my gyn in the morning. I am very anxious and worried as my DH and I have been ttc after 2 mc's and we felt very happy with this pregnancy. Can anyone tell me if there are risk to having so many fibroids???? I am 43 will turn 44 next month, my DH is also 43. This will be our 1st baby together.
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Hi smily...I am sorry to hear about your previous m/c's.  I don't have any personal or proffesional knowledge concerning fibroids, but I'm sure you could get some info from the net!  Google 'fibroids and pregnancy'.....it should give you a start, and promote questions that you can ask when you see your ob/gyn.  I wish you the best, and pray for you to have a healthy pregnancy.....
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thanks for ur rapid response. I went to the drs today they did a sono and couldnt see a gest sac, but found many fibroids, and sent me for hcg testing today and monday i will get results back, they think it maybe etopic, but also that baby may be hiding behind a fibroid, i have no pain no bleeding just nauceous and tender bb's sense of smell heighten, heartburn, tiredness, my eyes seem a bit blurry, only spotted very very lightly 2 days after my AF was suppose to show, and had pms cramps kept thinking i was gonna get my AF, but havent. Im just confused and scared a bit about this whole etopic thing,the dr says im just about 4 wks so why cant they see the gest sac??? Well I guess I will pray and leave it up to God, he is the one with the last say so here. God Bless Everyone!
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Did your Dr tell you how big the fibroids are? My understanding about fibroids is that most women in their 30s & 40s have them and they don't usually cause problems unless they are quite large. If you are 4 wks, maybe it's just too early to see a whole lot at this point. See what your hcg levels are and ask your Dr about any problems your fibroids might cause, if any!
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Hi Everyone, well got my hcg levels back today they went from 2000 friday to 4000 on Monday, doc says all looks pretty good, I'm so elated! Hopefully the sono will see the sac on Weds, but I won't give up hope that this pregnancy is going to be ok! I have so much Faith in God and know he is watching over this little Angel and Me. Thank you all for your replies, and Baby Dust to All!!!
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Well updating u all on my progress, I went to the drs today he said my hcg levels are rising but not doubling like they would like them to be,monday they were 4445 and thursday they were 6235 so im going for more blood tests and another sono,im about 5 wks and all they can see is the gest sac and are worried i may have an etopic or abnormal pregnancy. I'm keeping my Faith in God because I believe he blessed me with this little Miracle Inside me and He is the one taking care of it! Good Luck to All!
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