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Yasmin Birth Control - Similar Experience?

This is my first month on Yasmin per the suggestion of my dermatologist due to my acne I've been having.  Before this, I was on loestrin for 5+ years.  I know the loestrin is the lowest does and I did great with it, except for the acne.  I didn't really have cramps and my cycle usually started on Tuesday or Wednesday and by Friday it was gone.  With Yasmin, I had major cramps, HEAVY bleeding (including passing clots) and today is day 6 and it's still here...just now starting to ease up.  Because of this, this past Sunday, I went back to the loestrin.  I can find face cream to help my acne...it's not worth cramps, and long periods, not to mention I was a major WITCH (with a B).  Was this normal with the first month, or is this normal throughout using Yasmin.  Before loestrin 5 years ago I was on Alysse (sp?) and when I switched from that to loestrin I didn't have these kind of problems.  Just curious what everyone else's experience was.  Thanks
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I was also on yasmin for about 2 years. I loved it, it didnt make me gain weight like others did. I never had a problem with it, until last june...I got pregnant on it. Probably just a freak accident, but just a FYI!
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I took loestrin for 5 years and just now switched to YAsmin .  Loestrin I was tired felt depressed just no energy... Bad bloating

Yasmin Im up at 730am with  energy  Only been on it 2 months..
I had bad headaches at first  bad bad cramping that was the 1st month.. No bloating.   I have to take it 3months before switching anything....

I also started Celexa for my anxiety and PMDD...  
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okey so i have been taking yasmin for 2 years and recently i was late and that never happens and i have had this feeling in stomach like i ate a big meal or something and i was wondering if i started my period could i still be pregnant?? plzz help
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