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Yaz birth control - Anyone else have horrible side effects?

I have been taking Yaz for about 4 months now.  I am almost ready to go to the doctor for my depression and anxiety.  Then, I started researching my pill (Yaz) and have found that these symptoms are likely related to this pill.  I want to stop taking it and my husband is in support of that.  However, I have read about terrible side effects from people that stopped, too.  Anyone have experiences to share?
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I just switched from Yaz .. back to yasmin.  Yaz was horrible!!!!! I was very very depressed while taking yaz.. along with many other things.  I switched to Yasmin because I was taking it before the Yaz and I had a great experience with it... So far I haven't had any problems with switching.
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I started taking Yaz two weeks ago  I've had a good experience. the first week I had every symptom under the sun nausea, diaharreah headaches, but second week I 'm so happy my face has cleared up tremendously. I suffer from horrible hormonal acne since I was a teenager and I'm 25 now. I started noticing change within end of first week. Before I was on orthotrycycline and I was depressed irratable broke out horribly had a dark stain on my upper lip just horrible. Yaz has helped me so much already and I'm only in my second week. The only thing is  Vaginal dryness but I'll take that any day of the week before getting the horrible acne I had.
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