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Yaz birth control, extreme bloating?

I have been on the pill for four cycles now. Before the pill I had the body of a teenage boy to be honest, almost no boobs and athletic, but skinny. I'm 5'2" and went from 101 to 116 lbs. After the first two cycles of being on Yaz, I gained a cup size. I feel bloated ALL the time, and look it too, all through my cycles, and more so when I have my period. Even after lifestyle changes (more exercising, watching calorie intake) it still feels like there's a layer of puffiness and bloating covering my whole body! Anyone have any suggestions?! Help please, this is starting to make me feel miserable.
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I too have been taking Yaz for 5 cycles now and I have experienced the same bloating you are talking about. I am a very athletic person and I run almost 70 miles a week. Before Yaz I was skinny 5'3 110lbs and I didn't have much of a tummy at all.I am still the same weight but now I look almost pregnant, and i am positive i am not, but my stomach sticks out so much from bloating and it is making me miserable as well. I just want it to go away. Should I talk to my doctor about switching birth control meds? If so which ones wont make you bloated!!! Thanks
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I had been taking yaz for about two years up until recently. I am a freshman in college, and as soon as I came to college I started having these exact same symptoms that you have described. I am absolutely miserable. I have no idea what it could be. I didn't even think that it could be Yaz since I have been on it for so long...However, I stopped taking it about a week and a half ago and I am just waiting and praying that I will see results...
Have you guys seen any improvement??
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I also have the exact same symptoms. I feel so bloated all the time and since being on Yaz for over 3 years now, I'm weighing more than I ever weighed in my life. I started taking Yaz right after I had my daughter and I just can't seem to lose the weight. I've tried taking other brands but did not like it. I'm actually thinking about resorting to the ring.
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Hey guys! It's Danielle and I stopped taking Yaz about two months ago, and I feel fantastic. The weight is going away slowly but surely, and my periods, although slightly irregular, have been better. I'm a bit more moody than before, Yaz always made me feel PMS when I shouldn't have though. Getting off the Yaz was the best thing I could have done!
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[quote="anonymous"] When I was a senior in high school I went on Yasmin because I had heard so much about it and my gyno gave me a few samples to try. Well I did try it and LOVED it and stayed on it for about 2 years until my gyno's nurse suggested I try Yaz. She said it was about the same thing and I get shorter periods. At first I felt good, but around the second pack I started getting horrible headaches, my periods would stretch out to a week instead of a few days, I would breakout, and I had terrible mood swings. Interestingly enough, my best friend started getting the same symptoms as me after taking Yaz and she hadn't even been on birth control before, so I had the feeling we probably weren't alone. I don't know why I switched, but I am definitely going back to Yasmin because Yaz is just evil!! [/quote]

I was in Yasmin for 2 years. I still had modd issues, so thought I would quit..bad idea. After 6 months, I was begging for Yasmin. SO they gave me Ocella, the generic of Yasmine....for the first time I had side effects. On Yasmine, I had not side effects that bothered me enough to take into account. All I know is after years of riding the roller coaster of PMDD /Hairloss/body hair growth, I felt like the sun came back up on Yasmine.

My nurse changed me to  Yaz in July. As I write this I about to switch back to Yasmine and the pharmarcy has lost my presciption..so I am cying!
On Yaz these were the side effects
1: Extensive, long as 3 weeks periods for the first few months '(to limit this I made sure I took it bet 8 and 9 am every morning
2: Heavy heavy bleeding with clots. Apparently the blood flow is not even supposed to clot since your body wants the memses to get out, but if the bleeding is too heavy your body reponds by clotting the blood in the uterus, so it comes out as GLOBS! I have never in my life had this kind of heavy flow before. I had blood tests done and I have anaemia, so currently taking iron therapy
3. Severe bloating, PAINFUL PAINFUL periods, never felt liek this since I first started menses at age 11...I feel like some is actively peeeling my uterus...tender stomach
4. I have so much gas, gas....it comes out of my moth ocnstanly. my stomach is extended and slight pressure is painful
5. First month or so I had heatburn , vomitted, ..I never get sick, so I had no clue what to do with heatburn, ..finallhy ended up with pepacid and gas x
6. The periods are SO painful that I have a jar of ibuprofen in my office , car and home..I have to take morning afternoon and night during my period. I am currently back to a 7 day period but still HEAVY flows than usual for me
7. The nail in coffin was this past month...scaitic nerve issues. I scream with pain!!. I had to sit at the airport for an extended period..mind you I travel from us to asia and african and never had this issue before. When I have gas coming out, its excruciating...going to the #2 is a horror in itself. I figure I am done with Yaz! I start a new month today and the pharmarcy still has
me on Yaz because the names are similar I guess.
8. I still have night sweats  from when I was on nothing

9: Both Yaz and Yasmine have similar formulas. Yasmine has a higher level of ethinyl estradiol (10ug more than Yaz) . Gianvi is the same formulation as Yaz, execept in generics fillers are different. Ocella is supposed to be the same as Yasmine, but fillers are diferrent and I reacted differently on ocella. Yaz has 24 pils and Yasmine 21. Yaz is supposed to take care of the PMDD symtoms better.

10. My MIND is a lot cleared on YAZ but the side effects and physical effects are unhealthy and I have not been able to engage in excercise etc because of the symtoms. I will rather go on Yasmine and have no physical side effects and I will try to manage the remaining mood swings myself.

No ocella, no Gianvi , just plain old Yasmine!
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