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Yaz or Althea?

Doc, which is better and with less side effects, Yaz or Althea? I had breast tenderness issues with Yaz, but the doc said this could also happen with Althea. I have irregular menstruation. Thanks
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Hi. Well, the truth is that every woman is different.  Manipulating hormones can cause those hormonal side effects like breast tenderness.  How long did you have that with YAZ.  Sometimes you have that for a while early on and it then goes away as your body gets used to the medication.  You can always try the other one to see if it is better, but again, breast tenderness is sort of common when our hormones are fluctuating (why we get it before a period, when pregnant and when we have hormonal changes).  Let us know what you decide. good luck
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I took Yaz for 1 month then i stopped coz of the breast tenderness. Could have it been better in the succeeding months if taken continuously?
Yes, it really could have gotten less sweetie.  Unless it is unbearable, I'd give it a chance to go away.
For irregular period, is it ok to start taking the pills on the 9th day of menstruation?
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