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Yeast Infection, Fissures and Hemorrhoids!

Hi...3 weeks ago, I got a 10 day supply of Amoxil for a severe sinus infection. About a week later, I got an anal fissure and a hemorrhoid...no idea why as I'm so routine with bowel movements and hardly ever strain. I was using Proctocedyl suppositories and ointment. This ointment is always a little harsh so I use it sparingly and try not to get any in the vaginal area...yeah, right! The next thing I know, within days of this, I get sensitive in the vaginal area, mainly between the labia and close to the vaginal opening. This becomes so intense with itching, redness, soreness and swelling. While a applying a little Hydrocortisone cream of my husband's, I can feel a few small raised "bumps" inside the labia...what's that? Today, I finally went to a doctor at a walk-in clinic and she tells me I have a yeast infection. I have no discharge...everything is external and internal of the labia. Forget the fissure and hemorrhoid...the "other" is so itchy, inflamed, sore and swollen, who has time to think about the anal problems? So, my question is...a yeast infection without a discharge? Never had one of those before. Does this happen? In fact, I have only ever had about 4 yeast infections in my life and they were all over 20 years ago. This is soooooooo aggravating and frustrating and painful and itchy and I really don't know what to do. I am taking Fluconazole (150mg) and I have a 1% Hydrocortisone Canestan cream...sound right?
Thanks for any info and insight!
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i had the same problem with the hemmroid cream and a yeast infection. right when i started using the cream about 3 days later i found myself with a nasty yeast infection, and not too much discharge just intense itchiness. Im sure the pill your doctor prescribe will clear it up. goodluck
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Thanks...I made it through the night...just over 3 hours of sleep again, but it's better than none which has happened twice in the last 10 days of "the worst of times"...wonder when "the best of times" begins?" The intense itching was just too much and woke me up and after feeding the cats, here I am...still looking for answers, or maybe it just entertains my brain and takes it off the itch? I find that the worst now is just around, and above, the clitoris and not as concentrated inside the labia. Don't get me wrong...it's the whole labia yet but nowehre near the intensity as the other area now. The cream that the doctor gave me to "apply sparingly" twice a day doesn't appear to do anything for the itch...hope it helps in whate other way it's s'posed to. I'm back on the Vagisil amd that's the only reason I'm here and not ready to scream like I was earlier when I first woke up. How long does it it take this pill to work? The pharmacist says a few days for it to rake full effect! I'll go insane by then, I'm sure. Is there anything else I can do...warm baths, maybe join a naturist (nudist) group so I can just let it all hang out in the elements? Does eating yogurt really help? I love the Danone La Mousse but is that just "play food" and what I really need to get is the horrible tasting and looking stuff? I guess I sound desperate...I guess I am.
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Forget the bath. Think cool and dry. For intense periods of itch, use a frozen water bottle. It will help.
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hi i had the same same problem and my obgyn prescribed fluconazole an oral diflucan pill.. it cleared up but you are right how can you apply this cream without touching somehow the vagina?????? who knows..lol
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Hi...I think that's the generic of Diflucan (sp) and that's what the doctor at the walk-in clinic prescribed for me...2 pills for 2 days no less. I always wonder tho about generic because I have had instances where I have gotten them and they haven't worked and yet give me the brand name, and I'm fine. I took the first pill of fluconazole on Saturday evening and the second one on Sunday evening. Since then, I have developed a rash high up on the inside of my thighs that if I even lightly take a baby wipe and rub to relieve some of the intense itching there as well now, I get large welts on my thighs. I have the same happening in the pubic bone area. I shave my pubic hair and that area is all just red rash and welts if I rub lightly to relieve the itch. How long before this fluconazole actually works?? The 1% hydrocortisone cream in clotrimaderm isn't working at all. In fact, I'm wondering if it isn't the culprit since the rashes started after beginning the pills and this cream. The vagisil still takes care of the itch for about an hour at a time but it burns now when I put it on. The most intense itch is still in and around the clit area and up to the pubic area. As for the labia, inside and outside...swelled up, looking gross and misshapen. Sorry if this is grossing anybody out but it's grossing me out too. I have never had anything remotely close to this happen to me. In fact, other than the odd fissure and hemorroid, I have been fine. I can't see my doctor for at least 2 more days...she's in transit to a new medical clinic...and I refuse to even see a 3rd doctor now at a walk-in clinic because they each have told me something different. So, is anything up^there anywhere remotely like what anybody has ever experienced??? Thanks again for any help you can give me...I did take a warm baking soda bath this morning and that has felt the best by far, until I got out of the tub!!
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hi, it sounds like maybe you had a allergic reaction to your pill, if you had a red rash. the diflucan pill i got was only a one pill dose that works in the system for 7 days. you have the right to ask your pharmacist for the real medication and not the generic one.. the real one is usually a little bit more money..
i know this might sound weird but try to apply regular natural yogurt (with no sugar) on your vagina.. when i was prescribed my antibiotic my doctor told me about this and told me that yogurt has avtive bacteria that help relief the symptoms of yeast infection.. if you even research on the internet you will find some info on this, and it actually works.. try also eating plenty of yogurt if you dont like the idea of putting yugurt on your vagina.i think you also said that you use baby wipes. if they have perfume in them it could cause itching.. it sucks to have this.. did you try putting aveeno powder in your bath?
that might relief the itching... hope this can help...
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Hi jewels...
The prescription read Diflucan but I ended up getting the generic...could that be why I had 2 pills to take...maybe they're substandard in comparison to the "real" Diflucan and it takes 2 to do the job of one real pill, and even then, it doesn't work? I don't know...I hate this generic stuff...I went through that with the hemorrhoid meds and finally after 2 days, I went back to the pharmacy and demanded the brand name that I was originally prescribed and which, I might add, worked much better. Even this cream that was prescribed had the word "canestan" in it, not a clotrimaderm compound which I got. I'm wondering if I have hives, but between the legs and the inside of the thighs? The thing is, why can't they just fill the prescription with the brand name UNLESS you specifically ASK for the generic instead of the other way around? I know it's more expensive but I'm willing to pay that for the best results and fastest healing. My husband has a good health pplan from work so it's usually only a few dollars difference...the way it's been going lately, I get the generic, it doesn't work so then I have to go back and demand the brand name and pay for that and of course, they don't give you a refund for the generic so in the end, it costs way more than if I had just received the brand name, and what the prescription said in the first place!! It's frustrating and y'know, when you go for these prescriptions, you're likely not without pain, itching, soreness, burning and frustration so it doesn't always cross your mind to ask if it's generic or not and you think the pharmacist is giving you is what you're really getting and it's not. I'm learning.
I have an appt. this afternoon with my doctor...she is finally moved in to her new clinic and it couldn't be soon enough. I'm not leaving her office until she looks at every square inch of my "*****" and my thighs and my butt and gives me a definitive diagnosis and something to take to clear it all up, take away the pain, soreness, itchiness and swelling.
This morning as I was drying off from my shower, I noticed that the skin, in and on and around the labia inside is all peeling and rolling off into my towel...how gross! Now the itchy is back again, tenfold. What used to be a smooth area is all wrinkled and mottled looking and it's beginning to creep me out badly!
And yes, I have thought of the yogurt but just wasn't sure about the process of applying that. Thanks for telling me and explaining. I do eat yogurt from time to time and I guess this will be the time again. I'm getting groceries after the doc's appt. and yogurt is on my list.
As for the baby wipes, they're Huggies with no alcohol, no perfume, fragrance free and with just aloe and vitamin E. We have a Norwegian Forest cat and he tends to get diarrhea from time to time (he also has asthma) and with the long fur on his bloomers, these baby wipes work quite well to clean him since he hates baths so much. LOL So, yeah, we're sharing his baby wipes right now. Sheeesh!
Well, sorry for being long-winded...I think this itching is driving me nutzo and I needed to vent. I'll let you know what the doctor tells me this afternoon.
Thanks again for your suggestions...

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Well, I saw teh doctor yesterday afternoon...bercause she had just moved to a new clinic and she also wasn't kept in the loop with my jaunts to the walk-in clinic where she used to work regular hours, she is a bit baffled. Like I said, she was only there for the fissure/hemorrhoid problem over 2 weeks ago so I brought her up to speed on what's been happening since Mar. 30th when I took the Amoxil for a sinus infection, up until now. She examined me and altho' she said that part of my explanation on how the rash feels, the welts and itch that suggests hives, she's not totally convinced because of the burning factor. She does however, think it's an allergic reaction to something and most likely either from the generic brand of Diflucan or the compound that the cream was in or both. She prescribed another 2 pills of "brand name only" Diflucan (I took one yesterday at suppertime and I'm to take one again in 3 days) and 20 mg. of prescription Reactine (brand name only), one pill a day for 7 days to hopefully help with the itch (I'll start it tonight when when hubby is home cuz I'm so sensitive to these kinmds of things) and also she gave me the 1% steroid cream to use twice a day on all the itchy parts. I forgot to ask her if that's just outer skin or can it be used inside the labia as well and around the vaginal opening where it still itches? Any advice here? I also noticed that someone posted a new question about itch and was wondering about the itch in the area of clitoris and above and she mentioned that she shaves...someone replied that it may be that she has that itch because she hasn't shaved. With all this going on, and because I always shaved down there too, I'm wondering if part, or all, of my itching is that I haven't shaved in just over a week? But with the skin peeling in and around the labia, that has got to be tender and I'm not sure that shaving would be good thing and also, I'm due for a period in the next couple of days which just might aggravate everything again. Next lifetime, I'm coming back a man!!!
So, that's where I stand/sit as of now. I still have some internal rectal itch which seems to subside after a bowel movement every morning and then returns by evening and all through the night so I'm still getting like 2 and 3 hours of sleep a night. I still have the labia itch, right to the vaginal opening and I still have a slight itch on the inner thighs but that is actually better. I did get teh results from my recent PAP test, just shortly before all of this started, and it came back negative and normal. So, I'm still feeling lost in all this.
Thanks again for listening.

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Hi merryn,
is in it great to be a women??? its a good thing you went to see your doctor, atleast that can give you peace of mind.. i asked my husband about generic medication (he works in that)
and he told me that most pharmacist will give the generic because its cheaper for them.. but if you dont mind paying a little more go for it and ask the real pill.. i checked the box from the pill that i took and its diflucan (fluconazole) its only 1 pill you have to take by mouth.
i hope the yogurt works for you, i know i was a little freaked out about putting that on my vagina but believe me i got soooo
freaked with the symptoms of the yeast infection that i used it and i was glad i did.. hopefully you wont get back the symptoms once you get your periods..why dont you  ask your doctor to prescribe some more pills to have a back up so you dont have to run to see her all the time...

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Merryn, don't want to be an alarmist here, but is the doc you've been seeing an ob/gyn? have you ever tested positively for the HPV virus? Did she take a biopsy? I have somethng called VIN III, which is a precancerous condition of the vulva (almost never leads to cancer, but it must be treated) and my symptoms are very much like yours.  have your ob/gyn check it out.  mine sent me to a gynecologial oncologist after my biopsy came back positive. i have those sme little raised bumps inside my labia and itching around my clit
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I know you are on your road to recovery, but please pass along that not all creams are made for the vagina. I think I read correctly when you initially used some on your husband's hydrocortisone cream. In this case it probable "burned" the skin off of your labial area and then it made things worse. The frozen water bottle should   definitely help you sleep. Also, I think the doctor should have had you put in at least a three day over the counter femal antifungal cream like monistat until the Diflucan kicked in. Sorry you had to go through this. Please pass along the info to whomever will listen--NO regular hydrocortisone cream to vaginal area!!!
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Thank you so much for all your posts. This is the only place I could find something remotely similar to what I have been going through day in and day out for almost two months! I have had the hemmorhoids for about 3 months now and they have continually gotten worse. I then started getting yeast infections that will not go away!! This is seriously effecting my quality of life and my family is also paying dearly due to my grumpy mood ( not to metion lack of sex for my husband) I think that the hemmorhoid creams were the culprit for all this. I took a 1 day yeast infection treatment, then a 3 day. That didn't work. Then I tried the yogurt, which felt good while it was on (decreased itching) but once I washed it off the symtoms came back with a vengeance. I am now taking a seven day treatment after talking to my local planned parenthood office (I dont have insurance) They said the 1 day treatments rarely work, and to get on a seven day treatment. When I asked what to do about the hemmorhoids, they said that was out of their "scope". Thanks alot PP, these symptoms ARE related!! What can I do to relieve the symptoms of the hemmorhoids without using creams that give me yeast infections?? I was on antibiotics about a month ago for a tooth problem which may have been a factor in the cause of the yeast infection as well. Please someone respond I need some relief!! What does the Diflucan do exactly?? How much would I have to pay for it out of pocket?
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Diflucan (fluconazole ) is an antifungal antibiotic. It is used to treat infections caused by fungus.  The fungus can invade any part of the body including the mouth, throat, esophagus, lungs, bladder, genital area, and the blood.

Sadly, I have been trying to treat my own yeast infection for years, too embarrassed to tell the doctor about the horrible inching and rash.  Finally got up the nerve and was prescribed Diflucan (two doses, two weeks apart) and Ketconazole cream.  And washed with unscented Dove soap for sensitive skin.  After 4 days, I felt much better, but about the 5th day the itching started in again. I tryed using a little extra Ketconazole to no avail, rash got worse. Then miconazole, really bad idea, the skin started peeling off.  I then tried a diluted vinegar rinse.  What a relief.  I am now keeping a spray bottle of about 1/8 cup vinegar to about 2 cups of water to spray on my rash.  I started using it each time I used the bathroom.  After two days the itching is nearly gone.  And I am just using the vinegar rinse about twice a day.

You may need to adjust your rinse, more or less vinegar, depending on your sensitivity.  If your skin is in bad shape it may burn a bit if the vinegar is too strong, so dilute with more water.  You will see improvement almost immediately after using the vinegar rinse.  Be sure to just pat the area dry, no rubbing that may tear the sensitive skin.  Then use a cool air blow dryer or fan to dry the area thoroughly before dressing.  Heat and moisture are your enemy.
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Take a hot Epson salt bath. You can get Epson salts at your local drugstore and even Walmart. It helps to draw out sores and infections.
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im a virgin but after i recieved oral sex i got a yeast infection and i got those bumps on my libia as well. i think theyre swollen nerves but my doc told me not to worry. it itches after  use soap but it hasnt spread. im wnodering if it was inflamed from the yeast nfecton or im alergict to soap or my bfs salya. i just wantt know what it is
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Hi merryn m a young lady of 21 years and i've been suffering from herrmoroids for the past 12 years I've been to public clinics and hospitals all I get is the anusol ointment and liquid paraffin but they don't seem to be helping me at all, I wanted to go to a doctor to remove it but some say its too dangerous I can die when some say I cannot be able to have kids of ma own because I have herrmoroids. To be honest I'm very scared please help I don't know what to do no more, I'm still young to not have kids and die I'm depressed...you can email me @ ***@**** or in your own way
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It's been a while, but I hope you got checked out by a proctologist.  It sounds like you got some really bad and incorrect information from someone.  Removal of hemorrhoids is a very common and safe procedure and has nothing to do with your reproduction.
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