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Yeast Infection Cuts?

I recently came off a 3-month long session of Solodyn for a skin condition I was diagnosed with over the summer. Prior to that, I had been on antibiotics for a severe colds, twice and have gotten yeast infections twice due to those antibiotics, so it was inevitable that I was going to get another yeast infection after I finished the Solodyn. I started getting the yeast infection symptoms a little more than a month ago, but wanted to wait until after I finished the antibiotics to fill my sript for the vaginal cream, Terazol. Once I was done with the Solodyn, I filled it my perscription for the Terazol but also made the appointment to go see my gyn as precaution. I noticed that my last period, which ended about 2-1/2 weeks ago, was oddly heavier than normal -- so I wiped a lot and more and scratched a little more with toilet paper due to the itching from the yeast infection..The gyn wasn't able to examine me properly since I already used the Terazol the night before -- so no pap, but she did noticed something else...Now... first,I have received and given oral sex with 2 different partners within the past 2 weeks and had unprotected vaginal intercourse with one of them 2 days ago, which is when I noticed the itching and the burning while he was inside of me. It felt more intense than my usual yeast infection. Like a coward I didn't say anything and just went to the gyn to get everything checked out first. She noticed that I had linear cuts on my perinium and it was red, kind of looked inflamed, but there were no blisters, just slight, short cuts. She suspected herpes immediately, but didn't want to say ssince she had to perform the blood test first, which I am currently stressing over as I have to wait another 5 days for the results. That was yesterday -- today, I've been examining at every chance I get and notice that the cuts look more red when I get out of the shower, but before I go to bed, and use the Terazol cream, they don't bother me at all and seem to be going away slightly. I can't tell anymore as I've been checking myself out so much I just don't know. I do know that when dry, they are not as enflamed anymore . I'll also say that I know this is definitely a wake up call if I am lucky enough to NOT have contracted herpes, but I had been on and off, with both partners for a little over a year and none of them have shown visible signs of oral or genital herpes. I'm always examining their stuff and have never noticed anything myself. From reading posts between yesterday and today, I know that the possibilities are endless and I cannot do anything now except wait. Do you think that yeast infections really do cause vaginal cuts?? I try to think positively and hope and pray for the best and really hope that it is all coincidental with the heavy period, and the wiping and the yeast infection causing these cuts, and that is possible, but I am just trying to get through these next 5 days without losing my mind.

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Now it is 4 days...praying and hoping..I also just discovered that I have geographic tongue while looking in the mirror at work. I hope that it is all just a coincidence...
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