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Yeast Infection?

Hi. I don't know what is wrong with me so please helpppp. Okay so about a week ago I douched and had sex on the same day. I had sex multiple times that night (with the same person) using condoms and washed the next day. About 3 days later, I noticed a small amount of white discharge in my underwear. Two days after noticing the discharge, it stopped but I started feeling this tingly/slight itchy feeling on my vaginal opening and probably about 3 cm into my vagina. It wasn't a severe itch so I could fight the urge to scratch but when I did scratch it felt so good and like such a relief. The itching is still occuring but not my vaginal opening and partially the vagina lips are swollen. I looked up symptons for yeast infections and I have no burning, the white discharge is scarce I don't know whats going on. I've never had any std's, yeast infections or anything. I don't take any medicines, have no conditions or diseases. This is the first time something has ever been wrong with me besides getting a cold in the winter. Please helpp!
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So first rule I've ever learned about a YI is never itch it no matter what. I am currently trying to figure out my own. If the itch is too tempting then you can find itch cream at any Walgreens in the isle. From experiance, Monostat works best. Eating live cultured yogurt will do wonders.
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Could just be a yeast infection, could be something worse. Condoms only partially protect from viruses under the skin (invisible) like herpes (doesn't sound like you have that though), and worse, genital warts which take many weeks or even months to form/grow/become visible. The good news is (at least from what one of my best friends had so bravely shared in the past), if it is warts, they can be frozen off. I would still go to a gyno regardless and stay away from the guy for now!
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