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Yeast Infection?

Just a little background with me and my body.

I am a 29 year old female and I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome somewhere around September 2007. I am still teaching myself about this, which is another discussion within itself.

I have always had abnormal periods until I was diagnosed with this. I was placed on the birth control Yasmin.

So now onto this question.

I have never had a yeast infection in my life. I am embarrased to say some things, only because I come across quite clueless about it and i'm not finding answers via ******.

I am in a relationship and we are sexually active and safe at all times. The last few times we have been sexually active I have noticed an odd smell that was produced during and after. It has never been there before. I don't notice it when I am by myself and I don't have an odd odors day to day.

The other symptoms I have noticed is I have a thick white discharge that has happened for over a week now. I am about to start my period here in a couple days and usually I find that when my period starts my discharge gets thicker. I am not seeing any "cottage cheese" that people speak of.

I am quite itchy and for the past 2 weeks it seems like I have a thick thick thick white/ivory in color build up that is on the outside of my vagina all over. I can't tell if it's skin coming off or just a build up of something like discharge. It comes off in little pieces when I wipe after using the restroom. It's quite gross.

From time to time it burns when I go to the bathroom, but that comes and goes.

So for those of you who know or have had yeast infections, does this sound like one? If it is one, can I just go to a drug store and buy an OTC medication or should I see my doctor for medication? Also, can I use a medication while on my period? Lastly, should I just wait until my cycle is over before starting medication?

If it sounds like something different please tell me. I will make an appointment with my doctor.

I'm just really curious.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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no...it sounds like a yeast infection to me even though you are not experiencing the typical cottage cheese discharge. I didn't either when I had one a month ago. I definitely think you should go to the doctor. I have never put any over the counter medicine on myself because I have heard terrible stories about women reacting adversely to products like monistat or the products just not working or only working for a short while.  My gyno told me that your menstrual cycle itself will actually help fight off the yeast and you can definitely be treated while menstruating. I recommend that you see your doctor because it could get much worse.  Sometimes if you let it go to long, it is possible to develop very painful cuts from yeast or some sort of secondary fungal or bacterial infection from scratching or having even the smallest abrasion down there.  Some women do fine with OTC products, I however, having experienced the worst one you could imagine, think it is worth the time and money to see a professional and get it cleared up and gone completely.
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