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Yeast infection problems

Yes I am having trouble with yeast infections occuring back to back. I wonder do yeast infections make sexual activities painful, becasue I am expericing alot of that. I hate to tell my mate that it is painful and I can't have sex with him, come on now he is a male. Anyway I wonder why yeast infections make sex so painful? I know it is not an std b/c I have had a test for that and hiv. My friend told me that my boyfriend could be giving me yeast infections, is this true? And how? I really started getting yeast infections when I became sexual active. I wanted to know is this truely possible?
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I can't really tell u what is wrong with u, but what i think it is might be a yeast infection. But if I was u I would go striaght to the doctor and see what is wrong. Female bodies works in mysterious ways. You might think it is a yeast infection and it might be something else. So please make appointment with ur doctor.
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Hi i am not a really sexual active woman, but i am having problem with my body where around my vigina and under my breast is very ichy and there is a white liquid that came out my vagina. please can u tell what am i being affected of? or what is wrong with my body.
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i have heard conflicting reports about passing a yeast infection back and forth to each other. i do think men can get it and it wont clear itself up cuz each time you have intercourse you give it to each other. i just got over one a couple days ago and i dont even know how you could have sex! i know you said, "he's male", but you are female? and...

yes, its painful. the area is red, swollen, burns. my husband was sensitive to the fact that i had a yeast infection but i know he'd be grossed out having sex while i had a one. same thing while having my period (but thats just us). i dont think it will get better if you continue to have sex. did you get anything to help clear it up? monistat? anything? if so, it takes a good week for it to fully go away.
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ooohhhhh...no! Don't have sex while you are trying to clear up a yeast infection, honey, cause you can pass those stupid little yeast spores back and forth AND if you are using the cream (whichever one) then you're getting rid of most of the cream onto him. Well, I am thinking that is not what you were doing anyway, but just in case ;-). I was having chronic infections and I found out that I have a bit of a sensitivity to either spermicide or latex. Yeast infections can happen when the pH balance (acidity vs. base) in your vagina changes the natural bacteria is killed off (antibiotics--had that happen, too, YUCK!!!!!) and then yeast is allowed to grow b/c the balance is all out of wack...less bacteria to keep the yeast from growing. Think thrush in a baby's mouth. Same thing. But I am not sure why you can pass it back and forth. All I know is my OBGYN told me NOT to have sex until I was finished with my treatment (the OTC cream didn't work after my amoxcicillin--bad news!!)

I don't remember the lady's name who said she had it under her breasts...thre is something called nystatin powder (if it is truly a yeast infection) that can clear that up. If it gets sweaty under there, its dark, warm, BAM! Prime place for yeast. I've seen it used on people for yeast infections in skin folds but I think it is a prescription med. (I rarely go to the pharmacy...I don't know what is and isn't any more...I think I was, like, the last to know Prilosec was OTC)

Now, I am still trying to find an answer for my freakish problem...must continue searching
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I'm always physically active.  I'm a trainer and run around literally 8 hours a day.  I try to stay dry down there but is it possible that I can't shake a yeast infection because of those moist conditions?  Also, are you suppose to wait 7 days total to have sex again while on treatment?

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meand my boyfriend are being treated right now with PILLS because my infection just WILL NOT GO AWAY. it started after i began taking birh control pills, so i should really look in to getting that birth control changed. anyways,...we have to both take 1 pill a day for 14 days.........omg!!! so because we were so tired of no sexual activity,...we decided to use condoms while taking the medicine after we waited about 5 days first. BUT!! i have 7 pills left and i still feel pain sometimes,...but the discharge has gotten less. i just hope its okay we are having protected sex during this time until our meds. are finished. DO YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS ? DO YOU THINK ITS OKAY?....we have also been using a lubricant that i think may contribute to this chronic problem along with the BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. WHY DO WOMEN HAVE TO ENDURE SO MUCH ? JUST DOESNT SEEM EQUAL............   : (
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