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Yeast infection symptoms but negative cultures.

I've been struggling for five months now with yeast infection symptoms. I have the white discharge (goes back and forth between curd-like and just thickened), SEVERE itching, and my vulva has gotten really red. The first month, I took OTC Monistat and it went away. The second time (exactly one month later), I took the Monistat again. The symptoms got a little better but never went completely away. Then, I went to my dermatologist (I take an antibiotic for acne) and she agreed it was a yeast infection and gave me Diflucan. I took both of those pills and the symptoms remained. Went to my regular doctor and she did a culture. Said the results were negative but went ahead and treated me for it (more Diflucan). When that didn't work, she treated me for BV. That again didn't work. So, she referred me to a GYN doctor and I went and got another culture done with negative results. She agrees that it looks like a yeast infection but since there was a negative culture, was probably more on the vulva than inside the vagina. So, she gave me a cream to rub down there. Only it's been five days and it's not working (7-day treatment). It's actually getting worse. She said the next option would be to do a  biopsy, but I really don't want to get that done if there's a chance that it might come back negative. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this and what they recommend on the biopsy? I've looked up things that she mentioned for the biopsy and so far, my only symptoms of those problems are the itchiness and redness. Any advice would help. Thank you!
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Try different underwear it maybe your choice in fabric or even type. I’ve been to the obgyn sense I was little like 5 bc of my issues with yeast infections and bacterial. If not it could be a urologist problem not a vagina problem. I hav a diesel where my bladders inflamed and it caused the same symptoms took about three years to figure it out
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Gosh, sorry to hear!  What a big pain.  What would they biopsy exactly?  That part is confusing.  Could it be like dermatitis?  That does happen there.  Itches something terrible.  Cut down on sugar, try a probiotic, and keep working with your doctor.  So frustrating!
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