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Yeast infection that won't got away

I've had a constant yeast infection for years that won't go away. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection when I was young and it has never cured. Recently I tried Monistat 1 day treatment which didn't help and a few weeks later I tried Monistat 3 day ovule pack and that still didn't help. I have a white discharge, noticable yeast, and occasional itching. Sex is uncomfortable and afterwards I feel raw. I don't know what else to do to get rid of it. Any suggestions?
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You should go to the doctor, yeast infections can get way out of hand. For some relief, use plain yogurt down there...it really works. It's cooling and the bacteria is the good kind that eats away at bad bacteria
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i had the same problem you had.  Get monistat and have your husband/boyfriend put it all over the tip of his penis for about a week and done have sex during that time.  Most likely that will cure it. He can pass it back to you once its been cured so no sex for a week.  If this doesnt work i would go back to the doctor.  It worked for me and i continuous yeast infections for about 3 months straight, the worst in my life.  
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I have my second yeast infection in two months. both times it's been a few days before my period. I wonder if it's something to do with that?  I eat yogert every single day? I just turned 40.  Could it be hormone changes?  
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I'm having the same problem.  I'm trying to avoid caffeine, pop, alcohol, and simple carbs. I'm also going to go off my birth control and see if that helps. I think our reoccuring yeast infections are a result of hormones, stress, and diet. It is annoying and if I find something that works for me I will let you know for sure.
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These bouts of yeast could be a completely different culprit. You should really have your doctor perform an exam to be sure it's not something else like-Vaginosis/itis??? and not a yeast infection... They're very similar... only Vaginosis is more serious and can cause irreparable damage if left untreated. The problem is, it appears and feels exactly like a yeast infection, only it's not. I haven't actually had it myself, but the last time I had an abnormally bothersome yeast infection, I did some research and found out how important it is to avoid "self-treatment" and make sure it's a yeast infection before treating it myself, but to instead have my doctor diagnose it, and have it treated accordingly, and properly. If you're a person who plans to have children, I wouldn't mess with your fertility by misdiagnosing something yourself, but rather have your doctor fix it for you. It will spell relief ALOT quicker for you anyway....  Hope this helps and Good Luck!  =)
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I've had yeast infections on and off since I was 4 years old-I've been dealing with this problem for 17 years. And I've learned a few helpful tips..
1. Yogurt is your best friend. Period. If you eat it EVERY DAY you will be less likely to develop an infection.
2. Check your soap. Body washes with perfumes or dyes can contribute to infections too. I reccomend Vagisil wash. Honestly its the way to go.
3. Check your laundry detergent... the harsh dyes and chemicals could be having the same effect as the body wash.
4. If you need to take antibiotics, get yourself a monostat kit while you're at the pharmacy.
5. Avoid sex for at least a week until both you and your partner have been treated.

For me the biggest problems were anitbiotics and body wash. To this day I still can't take a bath without getting an infection. Sometimes its the little things like these that cause it. You'd be surprised how much of a difference a few subtle changes will make. For instance I am on Penicillian right now (for oral surgery) and dispite my intense yogurt regime I have a yeast infection.  But I knew it was coming. And it'll be gone in a few days. I hope this helps you...

I see a lot of medical advice flying around on here, which is great! But sometimes all you need to do is make a small change... plus it can help you narrow down options.
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Tea tree oil suppositories every night for 6 days...if medications aren't working your yeast infection may be systemic ...which means you need to change your diet..no carbs or sugars for a while until your balanced again.. Also do a colon cleanse the gut and intestines are usually over ran with candida...if you crave sweets or carbs at night...yup u have it...also invest in a good probiotic at least 50 billion..after your stomach acids eat through the coating of the pills your left with about 20 billion...hope this helps :-)
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Hi im currently nursing my 1st yeast infection. Was feeling terrible especially the first few days. Feels like dying down there. After the 4 days medication and non stop cream applications. I got this infection ard 18-19 June 2014. Few days ago, i started eating durian. Felt much better the next day though still can feel a little irritation there. Today, i had durian again. I feel totally "clean" of the infection. Durian is known to cure yeast infection. Google and try it. Save alot money and time to cure the irritating infection. Good luck ladies!
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What a timely post as I just asked posted something on this forum about Candida (yeast overgrowth). I have had a history of vaginal yeast infections.
I suspect I still have an overgrowth of yeast due to the presence of other symptoms such as a strange scalp condition, acne, and low grade vaginal issues (redness and discharge without the severe itch). I've been doing some research and I will likely have to change my diet again. I crave sweet and salty, but have reduced my intake somewhat. Some people follow a strict diet to strave the Candida/yeast. I have yet to try a probiotic. I thought eating yogurt and Kefir with live bacterial culture was good enough, but supposedly the lactose (milk sugar) can problematic.
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