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Yeast or what???

I had protected vagina sex and unprotected vagina oral sex with a guy couple days later I started having a itching, burning sensation in my vagina area also I had thick white discharge, I peeped down there and noticed a rash so I used the one day monistat and it went away but my vagina in the inside was swollen so I went to the health department and they looked and tested me and I came back positive for BV I was given Flagyl and after taking the flagyl the rash appeared again with cottage cheese like discharged. Could I have herpes?
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Doubtful. The bacteria transferred from the mouth to the vagina causes havoc down there especially if the mouth is not clean. In other words, before oral sex even begins, consider the use of a dental dam (lets be real though, that almost never happens these days) or send him to brush his teeth and use mouth wash while he's at it. Flagyl almost always causes yeast overgrowth so even though you treated yourself with over the counter medication the fact that you began Flagyl/Metronidazole after the fact possibly caused the overgrowth of yeast again. If there's ever a next time, ask your doctor to prescribe fluconazole/Diflucan - or use the 3 or 7 day over the counter treatment.

Fluconazole is an antifungal medication used to treat vaginal yeast infections. It usually starts to work within one day and may take up to 7 days for the infection to clear up.
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I used the Monistat 7 but the white rash is still there, what could it be?
Sounds like the candida made its way onto the skin, google "candida vulvovaginitis".
With herpes, they'll need to take samples. You should go back and get tested if you think that rash looks and feels funky.
It’s doesn’t feel funny it doesn’t even itch and what can I put on candida vulvovaginitis? And could the candida cause but the Flagyl?
Check out side effects here:

I have also the white patches are spreading upwards but it doesn’t hurt what could it be?
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No, it is likely a new yeast infection after taking flagyl.  Retreat for the flagyl.  BV can happen on its own or it can be passed partner to partner.  I would always use a condom. But you likely got another yeast overgrowth situation after taking the antibiotic for the bv. good luck
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So what Can I put on the yeast on my skin?
I'd leave the rash alone.  Don't put anything on it OR they make vagsil wipes you can try.
I’m going to get it checked out again bc I’m freaking out and I will try those wipes too.
Lotramine Ultra but if its not a fungus then it wont work. I hope you can make your way to tge clinic one more time. Wishing you the best!
Thanks & where can I get Lotramine?
I went to the doctors go checked out and there was no rash just dried up discharge in vagina hair and was also tested for herpes and the doctor said that it’s highly not Herpes
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