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Yellow spot outside of vagina

So I randomly check myself out with a mirror. Today I did no pain just checking and on the outside labia towards my bum is this slightly raised smooth yellow whitish bump. Any ideas on what this could be? I have anxiety so I’m of course web searching cancer. I will call my doctor but I know they are only taking emergency calls right now. Any advise would be great
I’m 35 slightly overweight recently very active bike and jog all the time. Don’t smoke never have.
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Hi there.  I think we're all just guessing here. You are in a monogamous and sounds like long term relationship and have used condoms.  While anything is possible, I do sort of doubt it is an std like syphilis at this point but he sore sounds suspect.  There are other things that it could be.  The ingrown hair is something that can really happen too.  Cyst.  We just aren't sure.  It needs to be seen by a doctor hon.   Please let us know what happens!!
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I will. I hate it. It literally looks like a canker sore. I feel gross lol
I'm sorry.  I know, that area is one that a sore of any sort is like whoa.  So, get it checked and maybe the doc will have ideas for how to help it go away as quickly as possible.  Let us know what they say.  
I will thanks so much. Ugh :-)
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Have you had any unprotected sex? I'd be guessing an ingrown hair or cyst as the most likely possibility, but if you have had unprotected sex, it wouldn't be overly cautious to get checked for an STD.
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Here is a description of a chancre, the painless sore associated with syphilis. "A chancre is a round, usually painless, sore. Chancres are the first stage of a syphilis infection. Because chancres are painless, they often go unnoticed. This means that, without testing, some people can be infected with syphilis for a long time before they notice any symptoms. Chancres in the mouth are one reason that transmission through oral sex has made a significant contribution to the syphilis epidemic over the past few years."

Obviously if you have not been having sex, or if your partner has recently been tested for syphilis and doesn't have it, this would not be what you're dealing with. But if there is a possibility, it's a good idea to get tested. Syphilis is curable with antibiotics.
I’m married and even now we use condoms as birth control :-(
Has your husband ever had syphilis, before you met? It's a funny disease, it can be latent in the body and in some people show few or no symptoms, for quite a while.

Anyway, it's probably a cyst or something else that would be not a big deal. But in your shoes I would get the ob/gyn's opinion, ideas on the Internet won't solve it and will instead probably scare you unnecessarily.
True and Idk lol I know I didn’t have it before because I always got tested between partners for everything just because it felt like the thing to do. Ugh I just hate it. You expect everything to be fine then bam
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  This article may help you.  https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/ulcers-vulva#causes  It lists several things that this might be.  It could be viral, fungal or bacterial.  It could be due to an autoimmune problem. It could be a simple skin reaction.  Does it itch at all, by the way? And yes, cancer is on the list but the percentage of people that this turns out to be the case for is small.  But, you should get it checked out.  can you see your doctor?
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No itch no pain just randomly saw it. Sorta like a canker sore you get in your mouth from like eating sour candy but not in my mouth ugh
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Looks sorta like a cancer sore. No stds or anything like that
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