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Yellowish Green Vaginal Discharge

I've ignored this problem for so long, I can't even remember when I first noticed it. At first my discharge was getting whiter instead of the usual clear color. Eventually it became yellowish green. Currently it is light greenish with a texture that reminds me of something like boogers. I ignored my problem though because it never really bothered me---I was never itchy or in pain. I know I will need to visit a doctor; it's inevitable. But I'd like to know--- is this something extremely serious? Any ideas on what it could be? I really need to brace myself. I am a virgin and have never had sex.
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ii had a similar thing last year and i went to the dr and they told me i had bacterial vagintis. its an infection that can have and ordor or not, especially after sex. and discharge, like yours. gave me antibiotics and cure that sucker right up.
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That doesn't sound too bad...thanks for your help.
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Also, you went to a doctor or did you go to a gynecologist?
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IF it doesn't smell, I would not be concerned.  I have had it at times as well.  Being a virgin, you are very safe from a lot of things.  If your 16 or older, you should be visiting an ob/gyn at least once a year anyway.  
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To be honest, I don't know if it smells. After I shower there is no smell, but if I delay that shower it starts to smell---which I kind of assumed was normal. My discharge is never a healthy looking color or texture anymore though and it kind of worries me.

I didn't know that you should go to a gyn once a year once you're 16 or older! I'm 17 currently, and I'm just barely thinking about a visit (and of course I'm scared about what to expect). My mother kind of mentioned about taking me for a checkup once, but never really continued with that. I'll run the idea past her again, though it might be a bit weird when I bring it up.
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i have the same problem but my discharge makes me very itchy  i apready went to my gyn doctor and i am waiting the result i am a little big scare
my vaginal discharge its yellow-green itchy vagina discharge and also look white at simple view
but its really yellow green
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i've been experiencing a yellowish-green discharge currently..and its itchy..im kinda scared bout it..what will i do?im afraid to go to the doctor and know the result..it really bothers me a lot..
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The best thing to do is definetely go to the doctor. It will be a BIG relief to know what's going on, and there's probably a simple explanation and solution. It does suck to have those awkward doctor appointment but they don't last long, and you will be so relieved. My mom is a gyno and says it's all normal to her. they see all kinds of things every day and it doesn't phase them
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I am a 20 mother and I have had a green yellowish discharge since I was a little girl. I have had lots of std screenings done for myself and because i was pregnant. They say everything is clear but my discharge smells really bad and when my husband does oral he says it taste really bad too. Its really embarrasing and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I can do about it???
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I also have this yellow/ green discharge and it also can not be an STD as my husband has been out of the country for 3months so no sex obviously. I guess it is possable for it to be an STD from years gone by but I have my anual check every year and nothing has ever showed. I am very itchy to the point i get blood from itching with the toilet paper in the bathroom. There is no smell but it is worrysom all the same. My Dr has sugested using an over the counter yeast infecton kit - he has done no testing but said some times the yeaST CAN GROW TO A POINT THAT IT BEGINS A DIFERANT BACTERIAL INFECTION WICH CAN TURN THE DISCHARGE GREEN. iF YOU HAVENT TRIED ANYTHING FOR A YEAST INFECTION mAYBE TRY THAT. ALSO i HAVE HEARD THAT SOMETIMES IF U PUT PLAIN YOGURT ON A TAMPON (GROSS I KNOW) AND INSERT IT ONLY WHEN U R SLEEPING IT HELPS TO KILL THE YEAST WICH IS INFECTING YOU. i HAVE NEVER TRIED IT MYSELF BUT HAVE BEEN TOLD IT WORKS.   Sorry about the caps my fingure missed LOL
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The yogurt thing ONLY works if you use a PLAIN yogurt with no added sugars and such. Putting anything sugary into the vagina is bad for you. It can cause the natural bacteria that grown in there to go nuts, so you have to be careful what you use, if you use yogurt as an "herbal, at home remedy".
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I have the same problem, but not because I'm a virgin . . . (my kids are all grown up) . . . I've been married for 34 years to the same man, but this Spring he had to have his prostate removed because of cancer.

The prostate gland makes the liquid part of the semen.  Now, after sex, there is no fluid going in to clean me out.  Understand?  

Consequently, I noticed itching and light green discharge too.  Here's what I discovered:

If you're wearing nylon panties or panythose all day (instead of cotton) your crotch area will begin to smell bad.  Our skin needs to "breathe" to stay healthy.  [Feet smell bad for the same reason.  If you wear cotton socks or go barefoot, your feet will be odor free!]

If you already smell bad, take a nice long bubble bath after you get home and can take those nylon panties or pantyhose off.  Do this everyday until the odor disappears.  (I like to put my laptop on the closed toilet seat so I can watch a DVD or Netflix movie while I soak in the tub.  That way, the bath lasts longer.  Keep adding hot water as needed to keep it warm.)

Use "Cortizone 10" cream on the outside "itchy" spots after your bath.  When you go to bed, be sure to wear cotton panties (or none at all) so your body can breathe during the night.

The smell and itching will go away and stay away.
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Bonnie it's sweet of you to post your suggestion -- you are so right about the nylon/polyester connection -- but I wanted to add that for some, the bath can be the absolute worst thing to do, especially with bubble bath, for the same reason that MDs now say to NOT use douches or scented feminine hygiene products.  Too much water in the vagina can remove the friendly bacteria that keep you healthy, and the chemicals in bubble bath can increase all sorts of problems.

I'm a big fan of Rephresh, because it works *with* your body instead of against it.  The box says to use it every few days, but I've done well using it much less frequently:  once a week at first, and now I use one treatment whenever I get a sense that I'm a little "off".

Yellow isn't always a sign of a problem:  taking B vitamins turns urine bright yellow sometimes, and it can do the same to vaginal discharge.  
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I had vaginal itching for a month with clear discharge.  I finally went to the doctor and was tested for std's nothing thank god.  A yeast infection is what they said. Doctor prescribed diflucan I took 2 pills and a day or 2 later felt better no irratation.  However It has been another month and I have been still experciening discharge, now it seem to be a littlle yellowish greenish.  more dischage I would say appears in the am.  Im worried I know I have to go to the doctor again but I scared.  any suggestions as to what this can be?
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I have the same problem for years. Though its not itchy but i notice it becomes thick and not all the time greenish mostly just yellow and it dries off on my panties. Im a virgin and i dont use anything for sex so im normally clean from that side. I also dont use nylon panties.
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I have done A LOT of exhausting research on this topic and am currently seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who has me doing a remedy for a similar condition. It is working! I have tried the self-diagnosis route and to no permanent success, which is why I finally went to a doctor. The Naturopathic doctors work with you to isolate the CAUSE and then give you natural products that help restore balance.

I have one question.. how much water do you drink?

Do you drink fruit juice, how often?

And what about fruit, sugary products, etc.?

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I am 42 years old and had heavy, smelly vaginal discharge for as long as I can remember.  I have spent a LONG time very self-conscious about the odor and even recall times when people around me had a look on their face that said "what's that SMELL?".  I could have died!  

Once a doc treated me for trichomoniasis or "trich", a quasi-STD that can be contracted through sexual contact as well as from remaining in damp clothes such as a swimsuit or using damp towels. ( I have no idea how that works but the doc and all research I have done say the same thing.) The treatment lasted for a short time then the symptoms came back same as before despite my precautions.   Another doc suggested she could CAUTERIZE MY CERVIX!!!! as a possible solution.  GAH!!!!  Didn't try that...I like my cervix too much.

At any rate, with or without treatment, my symptoms used to come and go in varying degrees. I have found that, for me, the no-underwear solution has worked best.  It took a few weeks to get completely cleared up but this is what worked for me:

I try to let as much air circulate as freely as possible by wearing loose clothing or dresses/gowns all the time when I'm at home and I don't wear undies when I sleep.  And...I know it's taboo for the majority where I'm from, but...I generally don't wear underwear under pants/jeans when I'm out and about either.  At first it was uncomfortable and I was self-conscious but I learned to wear clothes that fit or are a little loose as opposed to the tighter clothes I used to wear. I try to wear dresses more often than anything though...and on those occasions I wear undies just in case my skirt flies up.  But the undies are thin, cotton thongs in the string style.  I know, I know...many can't imagine a thong anymore than being panty-less...but the secret is to get them a size too big for looseness and the thong part as thin as you can possibly find.  Once you get over "OMG I'm wearing a thong!"  you may find them more comfortable than you could have imagined...you may even forget that's what you're wearing.  I found 2 bonuses: no visible panty line and my BF is tantalized when he knows I'm  going commando or wearing a thong.  

But the bottom line (no pun intended) is that now I rarely, rarely, rarely have any kind of odor and most days my undies/clothes are clean and dry at the end of the day.  I've been following my rules for about 3 years now.

Various resources/references tell me there are several different causes for smelly, colored discharge and there are several ways to treat it.  Do not be embarassed to talk to a doctor...that's the first place you should start seeking a solution.  They have seen and treated so many worse/weird/bizarre/gross conditions than this routine, run-of-the-mill discharge problem...it won't phase them and they don't pass judgement on their patients anyway.  You'll be relieved and be more comfortable with yourself after being seen by a professional.

I hope someone finds this helpful and I hope everyone with this problem finds what works for them very soon.
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i have greenish yellowish discharge to and have been avoiding it since i have no insurance...where can i go? plan parenthood? or do i need to goto a real doctor. and im about to be 20...and have never been tested for an STD. i am NOT a virgin alothough have never had sex with a guy if you catch my drift. i dont know if that affects me differently vaginally. let me know pleassssssssse
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i have greenish yellow vaginal discharge for the longest now. i have been to the doctor for so many time with treatment that only works for a while then the problem come back again its like a re accouring night mare. i even had the itching and the burning after sex men it is painful. can't enjoy a good sex with my husband. but my main concern is to get rid of the vaginal discharge once and for all.
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i have a yellow greenish vaginal discharge and it use to smell but it doesnt really anymre. i've been to the doctors but they technically dont see anything wrong. all my test have been negative and my pap was normal. i dont no if i should be worried or if i should seek further help. i am not a virgin and i recently had sexual intercoarse with a new partner. but i hadnt had it in like a year or so, and i no my body reacts weird to new stuff so i think thats what it is. bacerial vaginosis is the only thing i feel it could be right now.
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I have as well had a a very light greenish discharge in my panties, I'm 17 years old and I've never been sexually active (virgin) I did go to the doctor but they said everything came back fine, I haven't had my period in almost 5 months, the green discharge doesnt smell or itch, anyone have any ideas? I was put on the medicine Provera for my period and I just finished it, how long will it take?
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I'm having the same problem,
Its pretty annoying dont you think?!
Im 17 and only been sexually active with my long term boyfriend, but I was on the contraceptive pill for just over 18 months. So I havent had periods for that last 9 months or so because I changed to a new one mid way.

I've recently stopped taking the pill and thats when my discharge started, although I only really notice it around the time i'm releasing my eggs or around the time of my period. So i'm wondering whether it could be anything to do with the menstraul cycle??

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chlamydia can cause such discharge. if your a virgin then your safe, if not see the doctor about your concerns. its better to find the infection earlier than later. take care of your health ladies  <3
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Do yourselves a favor and research BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)
It's a very common problem in woman and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Most times the problem will go away for a little while but will most commonly reappear after awhile. I've been suffering from chronic bacterial vaginosis for years. I went to my doctor and was prescribed Metronidazole and it went away in a matter of days.

As for the younger ladies that have never been to an OBGYN you really need to get on that. Tell your mothers or just go to a community clinic if you are too embarrassed to speak about it. But like I said before, you should never be ashamed of your bodies. There is most always a solution to your problems.
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