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Yellowish and whitish discharge from the breasts of a 19 yrs old virgin

Am still a virgin but experiencing this discharge from like some months now. I noticed this when I was squeezed by my boyfriend but he said it's nothing. Pls is this a problem??
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You might want to read the info in the link below. It points out that discharge from both breasts is less concerning than if it were just from one breast, and other interesting information. Are you taking any medications, such as for allergies or anxiety?

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I had been given Acipro ciprofloxacine tab. I was told it's just hormonal imbalance
It is probably a hormone imbalance.  That was the culprit with my issue of discharge from nipples.  Mine DID clear up.  
Guys, it's still not gone now am given bromergon to see how it works because I don't have money to do hormonal tests
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Nipple discharge can be because of a couple of things.  A hormone imbalance can cause this.  I had prolactemia myself in my early 20's.  It's disconcerting.  Since you haven't been sexually active, obviously this has nothing to do with pregnancy so thank you for adding that you are a virgin.  When I had nipple discharge (also not pregnant), they did blood work first.  I produced too much estrogen naturally.  They also did an MRI.  Our pituitary gland can have a small, harmless benign tumor in it that causes nipple discharge.  I didn't have that so it was determined it was the hormone issue.  It righted it self.  If that is the case for you, they may put you on the pill.  Do you have any pain or is your breast warm or anything like that?  That would be indicate something like an infection but I doubt that.  Is it one breast or both?  And is it only when expressed verses just leaking out on its own?  It is very true that usually nipple discharge is not serious.  But do you have a doctor you can discuss this with?  
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I really don't have a doctor to discuss this with. It's both breasts and I don't feel any pain. It comes out anytime I feel aroused and squeeze it even when am not aroused but squeeze it
When will you establish with a doctor?  You in college or anything like that? They normally have clinics.  Planned Parenthood will see women for little cost.  Parents still in your life?  Otherwise, you'll just need to wait until you can get to a doctor because you can't know what is going on or treat it if it needs to be without a doctor.  This isn't a self treat situation.  
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