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abnormal cycle

I am 32 and get my period twice a month. It has been like this since I started getting my period at the age of 11. It's always been heavy (bled through tampons, overnight pads, flooded menstrual cups within 2-3 hours) with a lot of clots ranging from pea size to golf ball size and severe cramping that even with pain meds has me lying in bed. Bleeding lasts 8-12 days. I have tried multiple types of birth control (combined hormones and progesterone only) and always have breakthrough bleeding that is just as heavy as my period. Last time I was on birth control, I bled for 22 days straight. Blood tests come back normal. no thyroid issues. hormone levels are normal. ultrasound (abdominal and transvaginal) came back normal; a minor ovarian cyst was noted but considered not to be of concern. Every doctor I have seen has recommended birth control despite telling them about the breakthrough bleeding and telling me everything I'm experiencing is normal. The last doctor I saw at least was willing to look into the hormone testing and ultrasound but admitted that I was "a mystery". I don't know what else to look into.
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Have you had an abdominal MRI? It's the gold standard for finding fibroids or scarring that ultrasounds don't see. I would insist that the doctor order that kind of imaging.
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I have not yet. I will bring this up at my next follow up. Thank you!
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